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How to Attract and Retain Talents in Medium-Sized Enterprises (Research Proposal Sample)


1. You need to write the section on Methodology according to the student's LR
2. You need to make a questionnaire survey based on the students' topic. The questionnaire survey needs ten questions
3. For Metrology, Primary research is required


How to Attract and Retain Talents in Medium-Sized Enterprises
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How to Attract and Retain Talents in Medium-Sized Enterprises
Research Methodology
Business in the 21st century is currently facing a problem of attracting and retaining employees despite the progressive technological advancement in human resource management (HRM), and this problem requires comprehensive review, evaluation, and synthesis of the current trend in the market (Boštjančič, & Slana, 2018). The identification, evaluation, and synthesis of the talent attraction and retaining problem in Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSEs) was enhanced through the use of quantitative research where numerical data was generated and converted into statistical measures by quantifying the problem. The quantitative research’s ability to quantify opinions, behaviors, attitudes, as well as defining variables made the method preferable over the qualitative method. With more structured methods, quantitative research effectively measures data, formulate ideas and uncover research patterns. The research made use of a closed-headed questionnaire administered to 1000 students in London’s Universities through social media platforms.

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