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Sleep Deprivation on Test Peformance. Psychology Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


I created a research proposal about sleep deprivation on test performance. It includes an introduction, a statement of the problem, and hypotheses.


Sleep Deprivation on Test Performance
Salgado, Michell Mari Mae
Department, University
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Sleep Deprivation on Test Performance
Sleep impacts the cognitive performance of a person (Zeek et al., 2015). The sleep process affects the ability of the prefrontal cortex in the execution of higher cognitive functions such as memory, thinking, and creativity (Zeek et al., 2015). The adequately recommended sleeping time for adults is around 7 to 9 hours, while it is 8 to 10 hours for teenagers every night (Scullin, 2018). However, because of the increased workload, demanding activities, and other unexpected circumstance that contributes in increasing the waking hours of a person, people are being deprived of having enough sleeping hours to get the maximum potential of their cognitive abilities. For example, the teachers of a university simultaneously gave the final requirements of the students, which forced the student to take more time to finish their school work. This situation deprives the students to have adequate sleeping time, which affects their cognitive abilities during class discussions. Therefore, having a lower sleeping time than the recommended amount raises the possibility of decreased cognition.
According to the study of Baert et al. (2015), brain cognitions, such as mood, attention, motivation, memory, intelligence, and other cognitive tasks, are factors that determine academic performance among college students. One measure of academic achievement in universities is the scheduled course tests, such as the midterm and the final exams. 

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