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Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Deforestation, and Pollution (Research Proposal Sample)


WRITE A RESEARCH PROPOSAL ABOUT THE Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Deforestation and Pollution on Air Quality, Animal Habitats, and Access to Clean Water. The paper should be six pages long and include an abstract page, AN introduction, Research Significance, Literature Review, Research question and methodology, and references page. FINALLY, the number of sources used should be between eight and nine.


Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Deforestation and Pollution on Air Quality, Animal Habitats, and Access to Clean Water
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Globalization, rural-urban migration, technological advancement among several other factors have greatly contributed to the destruction of the environment. These activities have led to greenhouse emissions, pollution, and deforestation, which this paper seeks to study. This paper will, therefore, elaborate on the extent to which these phenomena affect air quality, animal habitats, and access to water. The paper will query the causes of the phenomena and will strive to find the correlation of the effects amongst the occurrences. This research will adopt the deductive approach. The study will employ a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods in the collection of data. Participants will be involved in the study through online surveys, and the data obtained will be sorted and coded for analysis. The results from this study will contribute to innovative and holistic approaches to environmental management.
Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Deforestation and Pollution on Air Quality, Animal Habitats, and Access to Clean Water
This paper seeks to study the effects of three modern occurring parameters and their effect on the air quality, animal habitats as well as access to clean water for humans and animals alike. The parameters under probe will be greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions refer to the release of any gaseous substance with the property and capability of absorbing infrared radiation that has been released by the surface of the earth and redirecting it to the earth’s surface (Gorte & Sheikh, 2010). It is this scenario that leads to the accumulation of radiation and heat, otherwise known as the greenhouse effect (Gorte & Sheikh, 2010). Deforestation is the decrease in forested cover of the earth which currently accounts for 30% of the earth’s surface. Humans are solely responsible for deforestation through various activities

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