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Food Insecurity And Performance Of Children In School (Research Proposal Sample)


The paper entailed writing a program evaluation proposal regarding the relationship that exists between food insecurity and performance of children in school. Additionally, a suggested school based intervention was to be asssesed whether it will be an effective intervention to curb food insecurity in learning institutions.


With some critical analysis and research findings, it is evident that one of the biggest problems affecting school-aged children in the US is food insecurity. Therefore, providing a solution to this will amount to the better performance of children in their academics. This evaluation is basing its arguments on comparing students' performance with food and without as well as with access to healthy food and those without access. According to Castillo et al. (2019), the school-based intervention that is being discussed here is the School Nutrition Program (SNP), which is a primary prevention program that is aimed at improving the healthy well-being of primary kids amidst the high rate of malnutrition that has been noted in schools in the United States.
The Approach
An experimental study was used, the quasi-one that checked the program's effectiveness. A comparison was made before and after the SNP, and findings proceeded for six months. The program had dual constituents, including three nutrition education sessions attended by skilled and qualified teachers, and some modules were used (Castillo et al., 2019). The school tuck shop was also provided with healthy food to sell through the program. Children were also put into this program for six months. Comparisons were made following how their cognitive levels improved, in addition to their physical activity as well as psychological distress and their general body health-related quality of life. According to Community Tool Box (2022), this study was to do a prior intervention checkup and a three-month follow-up. This program is geared toward providing nutritional education through school nutrition campaigns and giving learners healthy food during eating in their learning institutions. Supportive, healthy food availability was also made to maximize the presence of healthy foods at the primary school food outlet points.
The Rationale for this program 
Improve children's nutrition in school, give them knowledge on their physical activity, and equip them with the right attitudes and practices good enough for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. It will also encourage children to eat healthy food and keep doing physical activities to keep them alert (Castillo et al., 2019). This program is also nailed on the social cognitive theory. The theory argues the significance of the social and the environmental aspects that influence the behavior and the psychosocial responses to nutrition and even under nutrition.
The criteria used to judge this program's performance was that everyone that was to be involved in this intervention had been evaluated before the program (Pre-Intervention). Later, the participants were assessed again after the program's administration and the school food campaigns (post-Intervention). According to Healthy Food Playbook (2022), the program aims to campaign for health and ways to improve it in learning institutions. Skilled and trained researchers took the cognitive evaluation of the children, and the findings provided the comparison. Generally, food and health go hand in hand, and it should also be noted that the coordinated effort of the USDA and the learning and teac

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