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Gun Violence Among Young Adults Age 18 To 36 In The United State Compared To Europe (Research Proposal Sample)


Research proposal for the question: What is the difference of gun violence among young adults age 18 to 36 in the United State compared to Europe


What is the difference of gun violence among young adults age 18 to 36 in the United State compared to Europe: Proposal
The US has a huge problem with gun control. Gun violence has continued to increase despite the efforts put in by the policy makers to control the situation. As a result, many studies have been carried out in this field. It has been established that Americans are more likely to die from a firearm than Europeans in high income countries. Specific evidence to qualify this finding is varied. For instance, Grinshteyn & Hemenway (2016) found out that Americans are 10 times more likely to die of gun violence than Europeans in in high income countries (OECD). The same study also established that the following measures of gun violence were higher in US than European counterparts in the stated percentages: firearm homicide 25 times higher; unintentional firearm death rate 6 times higher; and gun suicide rate 8 times higher. In all the countries (US versus European countries), it was established that men were generally more likely to die of gun violence than women. The Development Services Group (2016) found out that compared to European nations, men in the US were 9 times more likely to die of gun violence. It is essential to note that in many studies, gun violence data includes gun homicide and gun suicide because the latter is considered violence on self and society.
Background to the Study
The available evidence on gun violence in the US and Europe is mixed, especially on different gun violence indicators for different ages. The writer attributes this to the fact that the aims of each of the studies were different, and that different methods were used to answer the prevailing research questions. Nevertheless, there are overarching truths that can be derived from the reviewed literature. First, the indicators of gun violence in the US are higher in al...
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