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Organizational Change. Social Sciences Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


it is a research on how organisation are adopting change in terms of technology and advancements and how it is affecting the society


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Organizational Change
Organizational Change
Organizational change practices aim at making sure that there are improvement and development to enhance the level of responsiveness and effectiveness to the external changes through better management of people, structures, competence, systems, and competence. The increase in the level of dynamic environment forces organizations to continuously be confronted with the desire to implement changes in their culture, strategy, process, and structure and thus need to embrace to change. More specifically, change has become critical in organizations because it helps in adopting new technology which eventually helps in increasing the level of productivity and service. Change has also become vital in helping the businesses satisfy the needs of the customers. It is worth noting that the needs of customers keep changing and growing thus creating the demand for new services of products. Therefore, change opens up the opportunity for businesses to meet the needs of the customers. Finally, change is vital to organizations because it provides growth opportunities regarding learning new skills and also exploring new opportunities which would eventually benefit the business by increasing the level of commitment and new ideas. However, change can only be successful if it is done correctly. In many cases, there are conflicts between the expectations of the employees and that of the employer which then results in conflicts that eventually has negative effects on the change process.
Problem statement
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is considered to be a business model for self-regulation which helps companies around the world to be socially accountable, not only to itself but, also to its stakeholders and the general public. Practicing corporate citizenship help companies in becoming conscious of the kind of impact that their activities have on every aspect of the society including social environmental, and economic. The process aim at making sure that companies operate in ways that improve the environment and society rather than having a negative effect on it. The importance of CSR is evident from a study that was done by Cone Communications in 2017 which indicated that more than 60% of all Americans are hopeful that businesses will implement environmental and social changes in the absence of regulations by the government. 87% of the respondents also indicated that they would purchase a product simply because the company is in support of an issue that they care about. It further indicated that 76% of the respondents would refuse to support a company if they determine that it supports issues that are in contrary to their beliefs (Cone, 2019). Therefore, the issue in the organization that is under study is trying to change the corporate policy to benefit the environment.

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