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Cyber Bullying Technology Research Proposal Essay Paper (Research Proposal Sample)


This is a proposal research covering cyber bulling and its effects in student learning and motivation.


Cyberbullying: Students in Crisis Research

Research Question
What impact does cyberbullying have on student learning and motivation?
I. Introduction
A. Introduce the Problem: Cyberbullying and school violence are problems that affect the learning and motivation for students to attend school.
1. I will begin by explaining my personal experience and observations that led
me to research cyberbullying.
2. I will explain cyberbullying, how it was identified, and why it needs to be
researched further.
3. I will include practices, policies or procedures that have led to the need for
cyberbullying training in schools.
B. Importance of Problem
1. I will discuss the importance of cyberbullying and its significance to teaching
and learning.
2. I will discuss steps, if any that been taken to address cyberbullying in schools.
C. Research Question
1. I will address the following question:
What impact does Cyberbullying have on student learning and motivation?
II. Learning Theory Association
For a long time, bullying constituted physical, psychology, relational behaviors, or verbal hostilities perpetrated against the vulnerable the weak by stronger others because of power imbalance. Bullying is always intentional and can be indirect or direct. The traditional bullying was common in schools where senior or stronger students harassed and maltreated the junior or weaker colleagues. Even though the traditional bullying continues, the technological advancements have introduced the world into an advanced form of harassment called cyberbullying. This type of bullying occurs through digital devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops or digital networks. Cyberbullying involves the sending of short messages, apps, texts gaming, or social media. perpetrators send or post private information about a victim, false, harmful, or negative contents with the intention of causing humiliation or embarrassment. In most cases, cyberbullying does not require proximity of the offender to the offended. While the traditional bullying caused physical harm that could be visible such as bruises, cyberbullying has silent effects because it hurts the mind and emotions the most. The external manifestations like suicide and bodily injuries or social withdrawal are usually due to the excessiveness of the internal damage. Cyberbullying is common among youths and the perpetrators may be anonymous to the victims because of virtual network gap. The victims of the offense usually report anxiety, sadness, fear, social difficulties and lack of concentration. The victims of cyberbullying area also at increased risks of problematic behaviors like elevated suicidality and substance abuse. The perpetrators of the offense suffer the difficulty to demonstrate empathy and are likely to struggle with depression, low self-esteem among other problematic habits.
Even cyberbullying share crucial similarities with the traditional model, it is unique in various ways. first, the internet and the related communication systems supports the occurrence of cyberbullying anywhere at any time and victimization overlaps physical boundaries, which increases the level of insecurity. Escaping cyberbullying is usually challenging than the traditional bullying. It is also common for cyberbullying to involve anonymous offenders. The articles of cyberbullying like images and texts can spread to a large number of people and exist for an extended time frame. According to Denney, Cronin, and Arensman (2019), about 10-40% of young have been victims of cyberbullying.

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