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The Social Economic and Political Aspects of the Songhai Empire (Research Proposal Sample)


the task was about writing a research proposal on the given topic. this sample is about the research proposal. it gives the RATIONALE of what the research will discuss


The Social Economic and Political Aspects of the Songhai Empire-Research Proposal
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Several states in Africa have a different and profound history based on their respective political, economic, and social aspects. The Songhai Empire is one of them. It is among the largest and most significant African empires to have existed before the 19th century in the present-day region of West Africa. The state is known by its historiographical name derived from the leading ethnic group, the Songhai. In Western Sudan, the Songhai Empire was the largest dominant empire between the 15th and 16th century led by Muhammad Ture and Sunni Ali. This paper's proposed research topic is the social, economic, and political aspects of the Songhai Empire. The research questions shall be;
1 What social, economic, and political factors contributed to the Songhai Empire's rise and dominance?
2 What are the social, economic, and political differences and similarities between the Songhai Empire and contemporary African society?
The Songhai Empire is seen as a model of African civilization. By understanding the empire's socio-economic and political aspects, one can understand how African leadership was constructed, and other economic and social factors of other African kingdoms. Previous studies have established the river Niger was one of the most strategic components in the expansion, success, and life of the Songhai Empire. This proposed research will address the research topic by exploring available secondary data relating to the Songhai Empire.
Research Resources
The proposed research will focus on the following resources in a bid to address the established research questions.

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