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Who was Louise Riel (Research Proposal Sample)


The task was about identifying the influence of Louise Riel in history. The sample was about the history and the successes of Louise Riel


Research Paper Proposal: Who was Louis Riel?
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History Research proposal
Who was Louis Riel?
The 19th century was a period of change in the Canadian history. Both the indigenous and the nationals had their views concerning the Canadian political system. Louis Riel was one of popular figures at the time of Canadian development. He came into picture both as a hero and a villain. Louis Riel can be considered a product of his time as well as a controversial person in the history of Canada. Identifying what the indigenous experience of Louis Riel during his time is of significance in analyzing his contribution to Canada.[Riel, Louis, and Thomas Flanagan. The Diaries. Edmonton: Hurting, 1976.] [Angus, Ian. "Louis Riel and English-Canadian Political Thought." University Of Toronto Quarterly 74, no. 4 (Fall2005 2005): 884-894]
Research background (Main Research Question)
The view of Louis Riel who was a central figure in Canada has taken different perspectives. It is of interest to investigate the life of Louis Riel due to the developments he brought to Canada through his actions and beliefs. The controversial differences between the indigenous and the non-indigenous people in Canada makes Louis Riel a subject of interest during the 19th century. His believes and actions were considered different by the two groups. Such factors form the prompt to investigate who Louis Riel was in the Canadian development time. The central research question is "who was Louis Riel?" The research is intended to stimulate the contributions that Louis Riel made to the developmental history of Canada.
Research Sub-questions
The life experience of Louis Rile may prompt several questions that might add to historical research. The Métis are among the minority groups that exist in Canada since the early 19th century. Their rights and position in the Canadian community was always unbalanced. Louis is known for their defence and even formation of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Menitoba. This perspective leads to the research question "What was the historical significance of his role amongst the Métis in the 19th century?" This research question is important in explaining the contribution of Louis Riel towards the indigenous people.
The time taken by Louis Riel in his history is also essential for investigation in terms of his important contribution. The impact made by this personality is relevant for any study. The involvement of Louis in the Red River Rebellion of 1869 and the Northwest Rebellion against the Canadian government can be investigated to analyse the result of Louis Riel’s existence in the Canadian History. These are some of the movements that were organized to defend the rights of the Métis who were considered the minority in Canada. This aspect leads to the research question "Was Riel a product of his time?" this research question is important in weighing the benefits and damages brought by Riel in his controversial era in Canada.[Bumsted, J. M. "Louis Riel and the United States." The American Review of Canadian Studies 29, no. 1 (Spring, 1999): 17-41. ]
Louis Riel had two sides in the Canadian history. There are people who viewed him as a hero while others viewed him as a villain. The series of bill of rights and the formation of provisional governments were some of the activities that were undertaken by Louis in defending the rights of Métis. The actions against the government that preferred the defence of the rights of non-indigenous people made Louis Riel an enemy of the political system. This idea leads to the research question "why is Louis Riel one of the most controversial figures amongst the indigenous peoples and in Canadian history today?" this research question is important in elaborating the debate concerning the negatives and positives of Louis Riel towards Canadian history.[Bruyneel, Kevin. "Exiled, Executed, Exalted: Louis Riel, Homo Sacer and the Production of Canadian Sovereignty." Canadian Journal of Political Science 43, no. 3 (09, 2010): 711-732.]
Working Hypothesis
The activities undertaken by Louis Riel in defending the rights of the minority groups and highlighting the flaws in political system makes him a real product of Canadian development and a hero within the nation.
Scope and Limitation of Study
Time scope and Region
The period between 1844 and 1885 is the most significant time frame when explaining Louis Riel’s influence in the Canadian historical development. Most significant periods are 1844 in which he organized the North-West Rebellion. The period between 1858 and 1868 was also a period of significance in which Louis Riel made discoveries in identifying the various plans for rescuing the minority Métis. 1885 was significant because it was a period of his death and evaluation of his contribution. The region of interest is centrally Canada. The Red River region is also another central place that would be essential in defining the influence and contribution of Louis Riel.[Bruyneel, Kevin. "Exiled, Executed, Exalted: Louis Riel, Homo Sacer and the Production of Canadian Sovereignty." Canadian Journal of Political Science 43, no. 3 (09, 2010): 711-732.] [Brown, Chester. Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography. 2013]
The Indigenous People
Métis formed part of the indigenous people in Canada during the time of Louis Riel’s history. The minority groups were unjustly treated by the Canadian political values and economic powers. The group always opposed the unfairness of the government. For example, acting without prior permission of the Métis was one of the issues that led to the revolt by the indigenous group. Riel is considered the leader who always led the indigenous group in fighting against Canadian corruption.[Reid, Jennifer. Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada: Mythic Discourse and the Postcolonial State. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2008.]
Major Issues to Be Addressed
Some of the major issues to be addressed in the research involve giving a brief account of Riel’s life and beliefs as a known figure in Canada. This factor would giv...
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