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Research Proposal for a Job Bid Business & Marketing Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


this was the third project in a series of other projects. it entailed writing a research proposal for a JOB bid within the field of business. the customer provided their resume to help with their background.


First and Last Name
Research Proposal for Job Bid
SUBJECT: Proposal to Install Solar Water Heater and Pumping System
The proposed concept in the organization is to establish solar water heating system. The sun might be known to provide the light during the day and it is also used in providing energy globally. Among the nonconventional energy sources, the solar energy is identified to be more significant as it assists in lowering down the effects related to the greenhouse gases as it does not cause pollution to the environment (Silva 61). The solar panels generate from the sun the energy used in attaining the heat that is used in the heating of water and other forms of electricity uses domestically. For instance, as an individual might use the suns energy in drying out clothes. Numerous factories and markets across the globe have these systems freely available. 
The Rationale of the Final
Compared to other solar energy uses, the most competitive uses than others within its numerous applications is the solar water heaters which is preferred by users across the globe. This clarifies the reason why the installation of the solar water heater charges will be higher at the initial stage compared to other conventional water heater. In addition, for one to benefit fully from the use of the solar energy for heating, he or she must ensure that the locations of the heater’s panels face south always and unshaded on the building facade in order to ensure maximum exposure of the sun.

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