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Research Proposal
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Research Proposal: United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) (Research Proposal Sample)


Choose an International
Organization and review the organization’s goals, mission, projects, funding, publications,
and participation activities. Then, compare this organization to others working in the same
sectors and explain what makes this organization unique, or what redundancies appear
in development funding or projects. The report will demonstrate knowledge of the unique
characteristics of your organization’s approach, opportunities for future developments,
goals, and transparency. The last page of the report will include a list of 10 questions or
observation points that will guide you during the second phase of the project. You will
write a 4-5-page report that includes your name, a working title, the name of the
organization chosen and information above.


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United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)
United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) is an international organization formed in 1972 to help address the issues affecting the environment within United Nations and internationally.
The main goal of this organization was to support different countries through environmental integration to enable easy progress track and sustainable development within these countries (Neupane et al.). The sustainable goals enable the organization to address the challenges different countries face, more so the developing ones. They address inequality among people, environmental degradation, justice, poverty, peace, and change in the climate.
The organization's mission was to give leadership guidance, inspire, inform, and encourage different people in different nations to elevate life quality from whenever they are without interfering with the next generations' future. The organization aims to attain its mission by assessing trends and conditions of the environment at both national and international levels (Neupane et al.). It also needs to come up with environmental instruments at the national level and international agreements for mutual agreement. Finally, UNEP achieves its mission via strengthening different institutions to enable proper environmental management.
UEP involves several projects, including carrying out actions on climate change in the developing countries that experience a fragile ecosystem in the Mountains. It develops policies concerning the climatic adaptations in these regions and issue recommendation after thorough analysis (Rose). Thus it promotes regional understanding to help maintain the fragile ecosystem through dialogue. The second project is the provision of security globally and internationally. It, therefore, helps in achieving the peace, justice, and environmental issues facing different countries.
UNEP is funded mainly by the UN General Assembly, which acts as the main source of finance for global projects. The fund comes from the member states of UNEP to enable strategic implementation and delivery of desired results as it flexibly acts upon environmental challenges day by day (Rose). Publication of UNEP covers biodiversity, environmental regulations, climatic water, chemicals, and production and consumption of food in a sustainable manner.
UNEP takes part in quality control, monitoring, and evaluating different substances, including Acid deposition, by enabling inter-laboratory comparison of different projects. It carries out several technical research, capacity building, and technical support. Thus it identifies the needs of the trainers and emphasizes individual training.
It also creates awareness through workshops, e-learning, and developing brochures. Finally, it takes part in information exchange within the cooperating countries, thus enabling global networking.
When Comparing UNEP to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature organization, the UNEP advocates for the termination of illegal wildlife trade across the globe (Showstack). It enacts legislation that helps address the transboundary issues through partnerships of different global countries. The organization trains law enforcement bodies to deal with issues of wildlife crime.
UNEP concentrates on the mountain regions of the ecosystem and the general sustainable environment for the next generation. In contrast, the World Wide Funds of Nature concentrates its resources on the sea and coastal livelihood. It focuses exclusively on the future of the coastal communities. Secondly, the UNEP applies its professional experience to raise the environmental standards as it considers implementing environmental obligations at all levels. Thirdly, it assesses environmental crises to come up with resolutions against the effects of conflicts in different countries, like it was carried out in Sudan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. This helps promote peace and enhances the healing process for the affected teams, unlike other organizations. Finally, the reduction of Harmful substances helps improve the safe environment for human lives. It not only observes carbon but mercury and other chemicals on the earth.
UNEP considers four core agendas for future approaches (2030): universality, integration, innovation, and observing the rights of the human being with equality. The UNEP has the opportunity to combat climatic change, and unemployment issues, inequality, scarcity of resources, and food insecurity brought about by the radical environmental change. It works upon the opportunities by providing sustainable development all over the nations. This accomplishes the UN's major role of transforming general development within the plate limits. UNEP aims to provide a leadership pathway and promote partnership within different countries to inspire, inform, and allow different individuals to upgrade their quality of life. It, therefore, enhances a conducive, safe and reliable environment that would accommodate the next generation comfortably without any compromise.
Consequently, by 2030, the organization would build a peaceful and just society with no inequalities, hunger, nor poverty. Through strengthened leadership, there will be a sustainable ecosystem globally. With eradicated cases of inequality, just and peaceful societies would generate more transparent generations with high leadership knowledge (Showstack). However, the corona pandemic puts the achievement of the 2030 sustainable development goals at a stand. This is due to the financial crisis brought about by the urgency and high cost of coronavirus cases. Some of the recognizable progress of UNEP goals includes electricity expansion, enhancement of child health, and maternal care in different countries. Moreover, the number of women holding high ranks offices has also increased to indicate a significant step toward equality. All these combines indicate signs of transparent transformation of the SDG as illustrated in the UNEP.
Some of the observations about UNEP include poor coordination between the member's courtiers, creating a hectic time for implementing the policies. When every countr

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