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Nutrition (Research Proposal Sample)

an Annotated Bibliography with six sources about NUTRITION and the usefulness of these sources regarding human health source..
Name Tutor Course Date of submission Annotated Bibliography Galperin, Anne. Nutrition. New York: Chelsea House, Publishers, 2012. Print. In this book, Anne examines the basics that make up proper nutrition. She studies the various categories of nutrients, their importance in the human body, and the complications that diet and nutritional deficiencies, relevant information for this study. The book further elaborates the health issues that raise concerns to the general public. Haugen, David M, and Susan Musser. Nutrition. Detroit: Greenhaven Press/Gale Cengage Learning, 2012. Print. This book entails a collection of essays that present expert viewpoints regarding nutrition, dietary supplements, obesity, and organic foods. A review has been conducted involving various experts' views regarding industrialized food and nutrition. The book is important since it uses America as the case to explore the changes in nutrition, the nutritional changes due to changes in food production methods, and their effects among people of different classes in the society. "Index." The Road to Good Nutrition (2013): 195-208. Print. This journal focuses on human metabolism, nutrition, and related areas such as basic science and experimental studies that inform human nutrition. It concentrates on the poor and how the existing laws can be manipulated such as lowering the insurance rates and reducing their tax levels to improve the diet health concerns among the poor. Law, Ka-po. "Systematic review on the association between nutrition labelling and choice of healthier food." Print. Through the analysis of various public health issues, Ka-po reveals the relationships between nutrition and various non-communicable diseases. The study is important as it covers various factors that influence the labeling choices such as income levels in determining the health decisions made. The income of people has been analyzed to affect the labeling choices which on the other hand influence people's nutrition which determine their health condition. Viroj, Wiwanitkit. Genes and Nutrition. New York: Nova Biomedical Books, 2010. Print. The journal offers details about WIC's programs regarding nutrition education, health care referrals, and supplement foods provided to the low-income women. The article is important as it provides dietary information provided such as the effects of poor nutrition and bad eating habits. It identifies the group to be at nutrition risk since they lack the resources and access to affordable and healthy foods. Wic Farmers' Market Nutrit...
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