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Business Requirements for an E-Commerce Startup Company (Research Proposal Sample)


E-Commerce for a Startup Company Business Requirements Document


Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements Document
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0Introduction PAGEREF _Toc62807104 \h 12.0Project Scope PAGEREF _Toc62807105 \h 23.0Potential Risks, Constraints and Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc62807106 \h 23.1Potential Risks PAGEREF _Toc62807107 \h 23.2Constraints PAGEREF _Toc62807108 \h 33.3Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc62807109 \h 34.0Integration with other Systems and Infrastructure PAGEREF _Toc62807110 \h 44.1Database Design PAGEREF _Toc62807111 \h 54.2Interface Design PAGEREF _Toc62807112 \h 64.3System and Network Security PAGEREF _Toc62807113 \h 64.4Networking PAGEREF _Toc62807114 \h 85.0Definition of Terms PAGEREF _Toc62807115 \h 96.0Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc62807116 \h 107.0References PAGEREF _Toc62807117 \h 12
E-Commerce for a Startup Company Business Requirements Document
Over the recent past there has been a significant growth in the ecommerce market. The business owners have taken advantage of the strengths of using ecommerce in running as well as expanding their businesses. One of the main strengths that users properly utilize is the wide coverage of the business as it can reach potential customers throughout the world with use of proper tools and efficient customization.
According to Appedology (2020) research, the estimated returns of businesses that have successfully implemented ecommerce is 9% in average higher compared to the traditional businesses. However, the development and implementation require the physical resources as well as the availability of the physical commodities to be sold. To get the best results all this can be integrated in an online system.
The proposed online system is a complete project and therefore requires the basic steps of a successful project implementation. It has to take the entire lifecycle of an IT related project such as planning and requirements analysis, defining the requirements, designing of the system, development of the system, testing and evaluation of the system, deployment as well as system maintenance and updating (Linatoc, 2020). The successful deployment of this project would mean it meets all the user requirements such as high functionality of the system, user-friendliness, ease of doing business, and limited charges of importing and exporting for merchants and customers will indeed prove to be the best e-commerce website in the market. The basic requirements of the project development and implementation are as discussed below;
2.0Project Scope
This project development and implementation is intended to serve the users within the headquarters region which tends to expand to cover global later. The implementation covers website development and design and system integration.
The defined project scope needs to be maintenance so as to control the project baseline. To achieve that, it has to be controlled using the basic strategies such as controlling the inputs, tools, techniques and outputs as well as sticking to the project management plan (Dongshen, 2016).
3.0Potential Risks, Constraints and Assumptions
Any project integration and success are associated with potential risks, defined constraints as well as predefined assumptions. This project is not different in this case as it is likely to face with the following risks, has defined constraints and operates on stated assumptions as stated below;
3.1Potential Risks
This project is likely to be associated with the following potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities;
* Online security. This includes data breaches and related cyber-attacks by the hackers such as phishing, malware infection, distributed denial of service (DDOS), man-in-the middle attack among many others (Brauch, 2016).
* Client disputes as well as refunds. Clients are likely to raise disputes especially when they are not satisfied with the goods and/or services. At extreme levels they would require refunds for the items already purchased.
* Intellectual property violation. The attackers can steal the ecommerce intellectual property such as the trademarks, the logo manipulation, violation of copyright among others (Linatoc, 2020).
* Poor customer services. This can result from unprofessional employees who will delivery poor services such as poor communication and timing during delivery.
* Weak authentication. It involves the use of weak authentication methods that allows the third parties to access the user data.
This project is likely to be associated with the following constraints;
* Quality parameter.
* Time factor.
* Cost factor.
* Scope definition.
* Potential risks.
The proposed system implementation project works under the following assumptions;
* The users have basic knowledge on the use of computer devices such as desktop computers, laptops and smartphones.
* The proposed system is compatible with most devices and runs on all operating systems.
* Most of the users of the system are in areas with good network coverage.
* The system meets the minimum software and hardware requirements.
4.0Integration with other Systems and Infrastructure
Integration of the proposed system 

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