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How Pharmacy Medication Synchronization works (Research Proposal Sample)


a hit Medication synchronization project to help pharmacist coordinate the refill of patients' medications to enable them pick up on a single day each month.


Part 1 - HIT Architecture and Pharmacy Medication Synchronization Diagrams
Medication synchronization is when the pharmacist coordinates the refill of your medications so you can pick them up on a single day each month. Many people miss doses of their regular medications and med sync can make you more likely to take them. (Renfro et al, 2018)
Roles of Pharmacy Medication Synchronization
* Provides an opportunity to meet with your pharmacist on a monthly basis to discuss your medications
* Eliminates the need to call in multiple prescription refills
* Allows you the convenience of fewer trips to the pharmacy
How Pharmacy Medication Synchronization works
Patients have to talk to their pharmacist about enrolling in medical synchronization or finding a pharmacy near them using for example a locator map. Once enrolled, pharmacy staff will review patients’ ongoing monthly medications and develop a plan to synchronize them so they can be picked up on a single day each month that is convenient for them. Pharmacy staff may call patients to confirm their pick up date about a week prior and also identify any changes that are necessary and should take place before the prescriptions are filled. (Renfro, 2018)
After reviewing any changes to the medications, the pharmacy will prepare each prescription and create one package for easy pick up on the patient’s scheduled date. On that scheduled day, patients should pick up all of their prescriptions at the pharmacy.
The process repeats itself each month so that patients can pick up all of their medications at once, and the pharmacist can identify potential issues to help one take their medication as prescribed. (Koppel & Kreda, 2010)
Components of Pharmacy Medication Synchronization
The core components include:
1 Identification and enrollment of patients
2 Completion of a medication review and patient assessment
3 Alignment of medication refills
4 Preparation for medication delivery
5 Delivery of medication and other services.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: - HIT Architecture and Pharmacy Medication Synchronization Diagram
Part 2 - HIT Installation Plan
Medication synchronization-related business requirements
Increased revenue. Medication synchronization can lead to 2 – 3.5 additional prescription refills per participating patient over the course of a year. Also, the scheduled monthly appointments provide opportunities for medication reviews, medication therapy management, and counseling with participating patients, which are often billable services and can represent sources of revenue. For instance, patients have to undergo all the process as shown in the synchronization diagram, the system keeps their medication records and also refills are done for approved clients only. (Tribble, 2001)
Minimum requirements that the vendor must adhere to
Medication non-adherence costs more than 100 billion dollars in avoidable hospitalizations yearly. As a result, community pharmacies have implemented medication synchronization programs to improve adherence. One function of most medication synchronization programs is the alignment of all of a patient's medications to refill on a single date. While aligning refills is a standard aspect of most programs, other features vary making it difficult to identify which program components lead to improved adherence. (Koppel & Kreda, 2010)
The vendor must put into consideration some of the following requirements; a well performing computer, a hardware component that is able to accommodate changes such as expansion of the system and it also be compatible with the basic software to be installed. (Goodman et al, 2011)
Vendors’ requirements and recommendation
Vendors considered for this project are HealthCare IT Today and Data Motion Health, the latter offers certification for meaningful use of the system. This is done by enabling patients and providers to communicate more efficiently beyond incentive and regulatory program requirements. (Weinstein, 2015)
HealthCare IT Today has a new payment model the pushes Health Information Technology vendors to collaborate. It has launched a new program designed to push more risk aside to and offer more rewards to primary care practices. Most physicians are overwhelmed by using EHRs which currently exist and are not too likely to contemplate adding more complexity to the platform. Working models are far from common for many vendors who are experimenting with integrating blockchain into Electronic Health Records (EHRs). (Weinstein, 2015)
Data Motion recognizes that the intent behind the programs is what matters; protection of private, patient health information and improvement patient outcomes through more interoperable and efficient health information exchange.
In addition, according to Data Motion, when sending or receiving private health records and personally information, the patients and their providers can rely on the following;
* Email encryption
* Direct secure messaging
* Secure file transfer and
* Secure workflows
I would recommend the Data Motion Health vendors because they value the security in the transmission of patient information more than just performance of the system.
Performance testing
Performance testing which a non-functional testing technique performed to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload. Performance testing measures the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.
Testing of the system in the above design will be done to determine whether these systems for the Pharmacy Medication Synchronization works more efficiently to bring the outcome. Medical information system should be able to provide enough information for the synchronization process to be more effective, same for the Electronic Health Records, the enrollment system should be able to enroll patients and medical refills should be efficiently done and support any changes. (Weyuker & Vokolos, 2000)
User testing
User testing is the

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