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Graduation Speech (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is a graduation speech addressed to a graduating class and their guests and its manuscript. It was intended to celebrate accomplishments, past experiences, and hope for the future. The manuscript introduces and welcomes the main guests to the ceremony. the speaker's Memories during campus are mentioned and finally the vote of thanks is given.


A graduation speech
A graduation speech is one that is given by a student of merit at graduation ceremonies and they are usually given at college, university, or high school. It is normally addressed to a graduating class and their guests. Thus, I believe the audience will be the graduates and their guests. This speech calls for thanking everyone in graduation ceremony and giving information to the audience in order for them to decide what to do with it. It does not persuade but rather refers to charts, info graphics, and data that help in supporting the speech. The purpose of a graduation speech is to celebrate accomplishments, past experiences, and hope for the future. It should also be brief and humorous.
Manuscript of the speech
Thank you Dr. Joan Rich the Vice President of Nursing Rasmussen University, for including and introducing me in this very special day and thank you for the academic personnel action work in the University. It is my pleasure to welcome fellow graduates and guests to Rasmussen University. Every one of you, our guests have brought a big impact to the graduates who are seated here today.
For those who don’t know, my name is Linda Guto, and like all of you, I am made up with past experiences and I am here today because I have hope that this particular experience will mould a better me in the future. My fellow graduates, we arrived here few years ago and now it is already time to leave. That seems so fast, right? It seems like only yesterday that we were freshmen trying to understand coursework, having crazy new friends, and funny moments in college. Now we are seniors ready to graduate and face the world. At this honorable moment, we cannot help looking back.
We cannot forget the laughs, arguments, and fights about various aspects. I remember we could laugh until we pee, we could fight each other and then make up, we could argue about crazy politics, and not forgetting how we fought for seats in the library when exams were near. Fellow graduates, for a mind to thrive we must be open to new ideas. Today’s ceremony recognizes our learning experience and that we have practiced an open mind without doubt as doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. The difference we make in our lives will determine the significance of the l

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