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Pet Peeves Speech: Bad and Good Drivers, Highways, Roads (Speech Presentation Sample)


Pet Peeves Speech

Pet Peeves Speech
My pet peeves are people who drive faster or slower than me. Do you ever get irritated by drivers speeding past you disregarding the stipulated speed limits? I often experience this not only on highways but also roads that are less busy. Even though I dislike over speeding, those I find more irritating are the drivers who go slower than the stipulated limits and blocking the way for everyone.
Would you say these are bad or good drivers? I think what defines a good or bad driver is not how slow or fast one goes. A driver's capability on the wheels and their awareness while on the road is what define him/her. Come to think of police officers. I used to get irritated when I saw many of them driving recklessly past me. Nowadays I understand why they do this. Most of these guys probably spend more than 36 hours or more a week driving. They are familiar with every cranny and nook of the road and have all the details of traffic and when the lights change. After spending more than a year commuting, my driving style began to change.
If I am to make a choice, the day before a holiday, I'd prefer driving during rush hours when the regulars drive, than after the rush hours with the non-regulars. During rush hours, drivers know where they are going. They have the confidence that's needed on the road and know exactly what to do. Non-regulars sometimes neither know where they are goin...
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