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Narrative Literature & Language Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


it was about ANALYZING about the clip of an interview


We Did a Good Thing
It was right here a second ago. It was directly here a second back. Socks always vanish, regularly when they're tumbling out of the dryer. Elizabeth consistently kidded, “Resembles another’s run off to join the Navy.” “Is that Argyle? Maybe the Marine Corps, “I would have answered. I don’t have a clue what everything implied. I didn’t claim an argyle, I never did.
What's more, presently I have one sock on my foot, the other is off. This was right beside me when I put it on this one. I’m going to follow my move. I took them, and my slippers, from the lounge to the shower. Either that one sock had served in the military, ready for a life of leisure, or my comfortable chair had consumed it.
Frankie, a friend of mine, would have refused to put them on for me. He’s treating me like that of an inaccurate: powerless. Perhaps he wouldn't have missed either of them that easily. Guess I’m heading back into the bedroom to grab another one. I can’t walk around with a single boot. If Junior sees me — oh, he loves when I name him that, Frankie’s better — he's going to get the concerned look he’s got when he was two feet big.

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