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Time off laws for single parents Management Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


The Presentation was on time off laws for single parents.


Single parents time off laws.
Being a single parent involves many responsibilities because you are the sole provider of the family. At times, you may feel the need to have a break from work due to too many tasks on your side. The law, however, is very different as it does not protect single parents regarding working if you are not under the federal regulations. The federal government has been forbidden from discriminating people regardless of their marital status which encompasses single parenthood. To ensure fairness of the employer is not supposed to ask questions which involve your marital status during an interview. This process provides that everyone is employed based on their skill set and not based on their marital status.
Sarah Edmunds, 2013, highlights that many single parents need time to do extra activities like picking up their children, taking children for a checkup in the hospital, attending meetings in school and other duties which need their presence. Laws that favour the flexibility of working for single parents are required to lighten their burden and help them perform their tasks to perfection. Single parents have therefore tried their best to ensure that working laws are passed in their favour to ensure that they are considered and given extra time off and paid leave in case of emergencies or their children fall sick. However, this is difficult because, it may not apply in some private institutions as they cannot force employers to pay their employees when they are not at work. Protecting some single parents and leaving the others may also be termed as discrimination and therefore it cannot work out.

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