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Counseling Session of Kate and Joyce (Speech Presentation Sample)


this task was about the construction of a counseling session. the student asked to be helped in completing the missing parts in conversation, where they acted as a counselor helping a student in balancing their studies at school. i managed to complete the script using the reflective content skills in responding to each of Cate's statements as her counselor's Joyce.


Counseling Session of Kate and Joyce

(H1) Joyce: Hi Kate. What brings you in today?
(C1) Kate: Well, this semester's killing me! I have so many projects due, two tests on Friday, and I work 20 hours a week. There's no time to do anything I want to do, and I am feeling more stressed than ever!
(H2) Joyce: there seems to be some problem, Kate; this is not the first time you have to deal with such kind of load, you even had demanding responsibilities last semester.
(C2) Kate: Exactly! I don't know why it's this bad right now. I mean, I've taken heavier loads before, but now, it seems like time goes so fast, the deadlines tick down, and I'm so tired of it all.
(H3) Joyce: can we say you first clear yourself from anxiety because you are a capable lady, and more this semester's load is nothing compared to the previous semesters you have been in school. Do not worry; it will be over very soon.
(C3) Kate: Yeah. I know it'll be over in a few months, but I'm taking a heavier load next semester and I'm so afraid that this whirlwind will just go on and on and on. . .
(H4) Joyce: oh, Kate! What are you doing now that you used not to do, or what are you not doing now? Have you considered taking some break or even a lower amount of load?
(C4) Kate: No, I'm not sure I will. I used to deal with stress really well and I could take on a lot without it getting to me. But back then, I was taking a yoga class and meditating in the mornings. I just don't have time for that anymore. Sometimes I really miss it.
(H5) Joyce: I hear you, Kate. Can you tell me about your Yoga sessions and any other activity that helped you take the semester's load with ease?

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