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Effects of Regional Cultural Issues on the Corporate Organisational Culture (Speech Presentation Sample)


I am invited to be representative in Crest Cermony for new health sciences student in college of north atlantic, Qatar and i have to say a speech as i am one of graduated student from the same college. in the attachment, you can find the previous crest ceremony speech for someone else which can help you to get what the speech should be like. you can also find some information about me which you can use in the speech

Cherished Guests and students of the School of Health, I deem it a great privilege to have the opportunity to welcome you all to this year’s CREST Ceremony, which can be described as nothing else than an amazing exhibition of health care. My name is …………………, a former graduate having Bachelor with Honour in diagnostic radiography. Let me say that studying in this esteemed institution not only gave me the opportunity to become the radiographer I wanted to be but has also enlightened my overall understanding about science and health care. Today, I am a better person in claiming to be a stakeholder in the healthcare industry, thanks to the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CAN-Q) which helped me build the career and personality I most desired to have in life. It is for this reason that I find it a singular honour to be chosen to present this year’s CREST Ceremony to welcome you all into the institution.
It is important that I first of all congratulate you for making it into CAN-Q and being accepted as students of the School of Health Science. Indeed your admission alone is an exemplification of your readiness to be part of a winning team, which CAN-Q has a trademark of being a champion in. There is a seed of championship in you all and so you should see yourselves as such. As the seed of championship has already been budded in you from the individual schools you are coming from, CAN-Q is going to serve as a very fertile farmland where the budded seed will be nurtured and fostered until it tussles, flowers and yields its fruits to be of profit to all humanity. This will be done with the help and assistance of the enabling learning environment which has been created in the institution for several years, making it part of the core traditions of CAN-Q. Please be assured that at CAN-Q, you will be offered student-centred and technology-rich teaching and learning experience.
Indeed if I give all the pleasant comments and acknowledges about CAN-Q, I am not only doing so because protocol demands it. Rather, I am doing it because I am part of a living testimony of educational and professional transformation. I say so because when I first entered this institution, I had very little idea about how a single individual like me could transform the larger society. Little did I know that that potential was right inside me and that I only needed a little eye-opener from this prestige institution of which you have become part to make that ambition a reality. Today, I have a Bachelor with Honour in diagnostic radiography, giving me that academic and professional gateway to save as many lives as possible through the provision of excellent and modernised radiography services. Certainly one thing that gives me much pleasure in my field of practice is the fact that I gained so much knowledge in paediatric radiography, meaning that I will have the opportunity to impact lives right from the infant stage to old age.
As you sit here today, I would like to admonish you by saying that your decision to choose health science was a divine decision. Cer...
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