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Speech Communications & Media Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


Write a communication and media speech presentation as a freshman during the induction day on any topic related to parental guidance to students
1. Your draft must be submitted here so that your classmate can access them easily.
2. In addition to the outline, please list 2 or 3 questions here that you would like your peer reviewer to address while responding to your outline.
o These questions can focus on aspects you are uncertain about, parts that you would particularly like help or advise, a section you really wrestled with, or a feature that you are particularly proud of.
3. You are expected to submit 80% developed outline. If your instructor sees that you do not meet this 80 % you will be asked to re-do and your points will be deducted.


Students Name
Professor’s Name
Speech 2 Draft
Good morning everyone. As a freshman in my first year studying communications and media, it is a great honor to stand to talk to you today. I am always curious researching on a wide range of issues that affect today’s society. One that strikes me most is the pressure parents exert on students to rise up to their responsibilities and achieve their dreams. Parents and teachers want students to put in extra effort to score good grades. However, while parents want the best for their siblings, it is imperative to avoid putting too much pressure on this young age group. Students need to feel their parents are supportive and caring. Too much pressure on students negatively affects their self-esteem, which can lead to severe psychological consequences and instability of their social lifestyle.

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