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To What Extent Should a College Athlete be Paid for their Endeavors (Speech Presentation Sample)


Topic: Sports Business - To what extent should a college athlete be paid for there endeavors
Speech of definition
This is a one minute speech worth 50 points. You should have an introduction, body and conclusion with transitions. Your introduction can be a complete 4-part intro, OR you may modify it. At a minimum, the introduction should include an attention-getter and preview of your main point(s). Your conclusion should have all 3 parts.
The body of the speech should include the term or concept defined using at least 2 methods of definition (see below for summary of possible methods).
Some methods of definition--negation (what it is NOT), example (provide an illustration to explain what it is), authority (dictionary, encyclopedia, or expert testimony), comparison (compare and contrast using analogic reasoning to compare your term/concept to something we already know), historical or derivative definition (how did the word originate? What did it mean in the past?).
Use at least two of these methods to define your term/concept in the body of your speech. Because it is such a short speech, you really have one main point ("what [your term/concept] is") with two subpoints (each definition).
Outline--Create an outline to help you make decisions and stay organized. Follow the outline guidelines you used for your last assignment with the sample available as an additional guide. Make sure to label the evidence and cite sources both in the text and speech. Include a separate reference page.

Topic: Sports Business - To what extent should a college athlete be paid for there endeavors
To What Extent Should a College Athlete be Paid for their Endeavors
Try and imagine this, working all day and all year to generate millions and sometimes billions of dollars for your boss only to receive nothing from all the money you have generated. That is the practice within college athletics under the guise of amateurism.
My speech today is about college athletes and how much these athletes should be paid for all the work they out to generate millions of shillings for their institutions and the collegiate sports regulatory body NCAA.
Any sportsperson who plays and generates such substantial amounts of money should be regarded as a professional and receive compensation for if not for his/her talent, just a portion of the revenues they generate.
Amateur sports are any form of sporting activity that individuals engage in without remuneration or expecting to be remunerated hence the players here are amateurs. Professional sports, on the other hand, are sports where the athletes receive payment for the display of their talents hence referred to as professionals (Miller 212).
College athletes today are directing all their efforts towards their sports of choice and work on a daily basis during training to produce their best performance in their matches (West Virginia University 1). Through the hard work, they have been able to demonstrate their abilities and are in turn generating millions of dollars for the universities and the regulatory body - NCAA. This makes them professionals and if not semi-professionals, therefore, they should receive at least a third of the portion of the money they generate, in addition, to their scholarships (Desrochers 2-3).
However, of these millions, the athletes receive little or no share at all. The bodies argue that these are amateur student athletes and not employees of the institutions and that they are provided with scholarships that take care of their needs (Desrochers 2-3).
As I have highlighted above amateur sports does not generate any returns while professional sports as evident in college athletics is a million dollar venture whose critical s...
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