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A Speech Presentation about the Concept of Cyber Bullying (Speech Presentation Sample)


A speech presentation about cyberbullying that was to be presented in class

Course Instructor
Have you ever been humiliated, threaten, tormented or harassed by someone you know or an anonymous person whereby you could not see the person bullying you and you felt hurt in some way? It seems like something impossible but imagine the scenario that regarding the social media and any other digital technology like the internet or emails. Does it ring a bell?
I think it will be right for me to conclude that most of us have experienced that kind of experience at one point in our lives especially with the technological developments in the society in the modern times. That is a type of bullying that was as a result of the developments in technology and is known as cyber bullying. Even the mode of bullying has been changed by technology, and cyber bullying is the current trend in the society.
Personally I have experienced cyberbullying although for a short period. I have also seen someone who was adversely affected by cyberbullying, and her name was Rebecca. Rebecca Sedwick was a girl who lives in my town, Lakeland, FL. She went to Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, just 2 miles away from my house. One day she did not come back home from school. The next day, police found her body at an abandoned cement business. She had committed suicide. People say she was a glowing girl with so much potential, why would she ever take her life? Rebecca was cyber bullied for over a year on several social media sites by at least 15 different girls before she killed herself. She was only 12 years old.
Today I am going to shade some light on what cyberbullying entails. Afterwards, I will talk about how cyberbullying harms the individuals who are victims of cyberbullying as well as the effects of cyber bullying. Finally, I will end with useful ways of how one can deal and prevent cases of cyber bullying.
1. First I will define the meaning and the concept of cyber bullying.
2. Second I will examine and show the effects of cyber bullying on and individual as well as how can be harmed.
3. Third I will discuss useful ways that can help an individual deal with cyber bullying as well as preventing it.
So what is cyber bullying?
To understand what cyberbullying is, a description of bullying is necessary. Bullying According to Olweus (98), Bullying can be described as the repeated exposure of and individual over time to actions that are negative in nature on the part of a single or more other persons. These negative actions include; spreading rumors, teasing, talking about hurting someone among others. Cyberbullying therefore is a type of bullying that takes place through social media for example through emails or text messages or online media. There are various forms of cyber bullying and it encompasses sharing of embarrassing videos as well as pictures through the media or posting rumors on social media, for example, Facebook among others. Beale et al. (4) assert that technology has changed the mode of life of the adolescents including the way they bully one another in the course of their interactions. He continues and says the current world people have developed new techniques of tormenting or picking on others that include the use of the social media.
Now let’s go through the effects cyber bullying has on individuals and how it can harm them consequently.
1. Studies show that cyber bullying leads to suicidal thoughts as well as tendencies among most victims who experience it. Klomek et al. (62) point out that the victims of bullying, which in this case is cyber bullying exhibit suicidal thoughts as well as the in most cases would commit suicide just like Rebecca Sedwick. Also cyberbullying is usually linked to depressions as well suicides and is common among female individuals in comparison to men.
2. The victim of cyberbullying usually feels lonely, sad, sick or nervous sometimes and affects his or her social life in one way or another. These are risky effects on the individual and as Marzano et al. (7) puts it, they are social as well as cultural risks that are the result from the interactions of people for example through the social media.
3. Health problems are also associated with cyber bullying and the victims usually exhibit a change in their health in a negative way, and this could be attributed to the stress as well as depression they get from the being bullied through the internet.
About cyber bullying, what are some of the helpful ways we could employ to prevent as well as to deal with cyber bullying?
There are several ways cyber bullying can be dealt with, and the first one is reporting the individuals who threaten to harm you in any way. Studies show that 40% of the individuals would not do anything if they were experienced cyberbullying and fail to report for several reasons out of ten, only one person would inform an adult (Li, 6).
An individual who has received threatening, as well as tormenting messages from someone else, should save the message and use it as evidence in cases where it is needed in a court of law. This could be used to punish the perpetrators to serve as an example to others who are in the habit of cyberbullying other people. This is one of the ways in which adolescents especially the students can be empowered to take various positive actions against all forms of bullying (Sharp, 6).
Parents should be involve...
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