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News Story Presentation on Infanticide (Speech Presentation Sample)


The assignment required a writer to prepare a brief presentation on any type of gender-based violence or gender-based crime. The sample focuses on the type of infanticide where mothers abort or kill young girls for various reasons.

News Story Presentation on Infanticide
An exposé by Daily Telegraph showed that infanticide based on the sex of unborn babies in the United Kingdom is real and unscrupulous doctors have played a major part in advancing the practice. The two suspects, Dr. Prabha Sivaraman and Dr. Palaniappan Rajmohan, were accused of consenting to perform an abortion on a three-month pregnancy at the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Video of the exposé can be viewed at  HYPERLINK "/watch?v=2nwoTOLDsks" /watch?v=2nwoTOLDsks

Calthorpe Clinic. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/news/health/news/9102683/Abortion-investigation-doctor-caught-falsifying-sex-selection-paperwork.html" /news/health/news/9102683/Abortion-investigation-doctor-caught-falsifying-sex-selection-paperwork.html
Although the police investigated the incident, the Crown Prosecution Service failed to initiate legal proceedings against the identified culprits arguing that the case was not in the interest of the public. As Bingham (par. 5) points out, the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service demonstrated the law’s vagueness regarding the infanticide. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) argues that the 1967 Abortion Act does not illegalize gender abortion while the British Medical Association suggests that some circumstances could make infanticide legal. According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), one compelling circumstance in which a woman can procure a gender-based abortion is if she risks domestic abuse due to her child’s sex (Doughty, par. 3). However, the Ministers insist that infanticide based on any reason is an outlawed practice. The confusion about the legality of selective abortion in the United Kingdom influenced the MPs to move a motion in 2014 declaring infanticide illegal. The motion garnered one of the greatest voting majorities in the House of Commons although it still lacked any legal force. However, the vote signaled that infanticide was an unacceptable practice in the United Kingdom. The move by the MPs helped in addressing the legal uncertainty over infanticide and amended the Serious Crimes Bill. However, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) vowed to resist the amendment arguing that available official guidance illegalizes gender-based abortion. The Congress also argues that the amendment fails to discuss the factors that perpetrate gender discrimination within the society.
The Calthorpe Clinic infanticide case introduces an interesting perspective on the gender-based crimes and violence against women. The exposé reveals the mistreatment of women even before they are born. Infanticide is not a new issue, and it has been practiced in several civilizations since time immemorial. Previously, the main reason for killing children at birth was if the children had severe deformities and were likely to suffer throughout their lives. Warring communities practiced infanticide where weak boys were killed to eliminate weaklings. However, infanticide has recently taken a new dimension where communities in developing and underdeveloped countries consider girls as undesirable children and kill them at birth. Cases of aborted fetuses dumped in latrines and dumpsites is rapidly increasing in several Asian and African countries.

Pakistani volunteers carrying aborted infants to their burial. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK ""
Karimjee (par. 5) notes that infanticide is rife in South Asia, and young girls are a greater risk of being killed by their parents. Karimjee notes that boys are preferred in the Pakistani society, and girls are killed because it is “expensive to feed them.” Selective abortion is also rampant in India where many young girls are killed each year. However, infanticide is also common in developed countries where doctors falsify records to abort fetuses based on their gender. Recent advancements in medicine allow parents to identify the gender of their unborn babies. This allows parents who do not wish to have girls to collude with dishonest doctors to kill the fetuses.

Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "
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