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Should People be Allowed to Sell their Virginity? (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is going to be a group discussion, and everyone needs to have a strong supporting evidence to argue about the topic. A sources were provided by the professor, however, we need to have our own source as well. I am looking for a one page good responses that includes good evidence , good point, good offer from a quote, paraphrased and analysis of my own, pose a question of my own about something that interested or puzzled me and one sentence of comparing this topic with Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. sources : .

Selling virginity
According to, a virgin in the context of sex is anyone who has never had a sexual intercourse. In many worlds’ communities, virginity is treated with great value. Thus in many societies, a girl is expected to keep her virginity for as long as until marriage. However in Cambodia for example, virginity is not only treated with such a great moral value but also has a significant monetary value.
In this community, young girls sell their virginity to between $500 and $5,000 for a week. Virginity selling is such a lucrative business and is irresistible for most of the citizens living on $1 a day. Due to this phenomenon, a moral question that usually rises is whether it is morally right to sell ones virginity. Several girls have sold their virginities online attracting very high bidders such as Elizabeth who wishes to sell hers at $250,000 for only twelve hours.
While some support the selling of virginity, many argue against the practice. Some support it on moral grounds while others basing their argument on human rights. For instance in one argument by pros is that selling virginity is an excellent business idea. Such arguments stream down to the fact that virginity is a valued commodity and losing it should also be of value.
The most overarching argument against the whole concept of selling virginity is the fact that many Americans have attached too much value to virginity that a woman’s value is measured by whether they are sexually active or not. According to them, there is a fetish driven by the media and education about the need to abstain and the sexual expectations for women. All reasons for abstinence.
In conclusion, selling of virginity is something that merely reduces women to sex commodities and underestimates other values for women. Therefore, to protect women from such misconceptions, women should not be allowed to sell their virginity.
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"ARGUMENT: Is This Student Selling Her Virginity a Terrible Human Being?" Th...
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