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Class Discussions: Slavery, Democracy, World a multicultural society (Speech Presentation Sample)


Course Name: Visual Culture and Colonialism Class topic: Exhibition and display This is about a 5 minutes class discussion. According to the provided reading, the student needs to prepare 3 questions and discussion points for the class to talk about. And you need to explain why you have each of the question, find some related quotations. This is not a presentation, but the student will need to identify a range of issues to discuss about the article.


Question1: is the slavery practice eradicated or was it the staging that changed?
"While the experiences of many of those who were exhibited is the stuff of legend, it is the accounts by observers and impresarios that constitute the historical and literary record of this practice in the West…. Had things changed, we wondered?" (Fusco, 556)
Historical accounts as presented in The Other History Of Intercultural Performance, indicates that in the nineteenth century, there some bizarre if not disturbing practices that involved putting people in cages for exhibitions. Most of the people that were put in the cages were Africans, Mexicans and Asians. This was a naturally acclaimed practice between the Americans and the Europeans were the whites would put up people in cages if they did not understand their culture. The whites at the time regarded any other culture that was not formed of their own kind as, the other. Most of the cases illustrating clearly the level of dominance that the whites wanted to assert over the other cultures in the world. The author and a collaborator set up a staged example of what happened at the time, to see if the colonial attitudes and racial prejudices are eliminated in this day and age. During their staged act, where they act as a tribe that has not had much contact with the outside world, there are some very interesting revelations. Most of the people across America and Europe where the show is staged still have the intrinsic colonial attitudes of dominance, guided by misrepresented attitudes. The mainstream media still shows some traces of the nineteenth century cages with a different perspective to assert slavery and associated attitudes.
Question 2: Is the world a multicultural society or one controlled by Euro-American culture while muddying on otherness?
"As the official celebrations faded, it became increasingly apparent that Columbus was a smokescreen, a malleable icon to be trotted out by the mainstream for its attacks on ‘political correctness.’ Finding historical justification for Columbus’s ‘discovery’ because just another way of affirming Europeans’ and Euro-Americans ‘natural right’ to be global cultural consumers.”( Fusco, 557)
In the book The Other History Of Intercultural Performance, the author brings out the aspect of the multicultural illusion that is advocated for by most of the western countries, while in reality mainstream media is controlling the multicultural-cultural adaptation. There are quite a number of cultures in the world, but only the western seem to be advocated as the right ones. Ideally the concepts of otherness are controlled in the world to make sure that other cultures do not rise over the western consumerism and superiority. In one of the main stream productions, as transcribed in the movie Falling Down of 1993, there are some very interesting revelations. As cited in The Other History Of Intercultural Performance,the movie shows a deliberate threat to heterosexuality, while at the same time there is a very obvious illustration of racial segregation, where minority cultures are trodden upon; the American culture is however shown as the supreme one. Close parallels can be drawn from the presence of Euro-American culture...
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