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What is Culture? Culture In United States of America (Essay Sample)


This paper examines what culture entails.

Culture refers to the common behavioural pattern of certain group of people who have similar language, religion and social habits. Generally, culture can also be defined as the complex learned behavioural patterns and in this case, human beings as well as animals play a role in creating and using cultures. Behaviours can either be learned or inherited from the parents or ancestors (Georgas, James 2003). A country may have different groups of people and hence have variety of cultures. A culture may be influenced by a large group of people. A member of the cultural group may be identified by shared patterns of behaviours. This paper examines what culture entails.
Scientists describe culture as the symbolic or intangible elements of human societies. People of the similar culture interpret symbols in the same way. The culture appreciates good literatures, music food and art. Culture plays a central role in the field of anthropology. Culture is a very essential tool for human survival. It can be easily changed and lost since it exits in human minds. Many written government rules, languages, building s and many other artificial things are the products of culture.
Culture can be classified in three levels according to the learned behaviour and perceptions. The first layer is the body of traditions, which helps in distinguishing a particular society. The traditions are passed from the parents to children through the shared language. The second level of culture, which helps in identification of a group of people, is the subculture, which is made up of diverse societies. Each group retains most of their original cultural behaviours and hence they emerge as a subculture in the new society. Shared cultural traits in diverse cultures differentiate them from the rest of the society (Montagu, Ashley 1962).
In United States of America, several identifiable subcultures are adopted and they include three ethnic groups such as Mexican Americans, African Americans and Vietnamese Americans. People who belong to each subculture have similar identity and traditions. Some of their cultural traits originate from their common ancestral background. Members of a subculture may acquire the cultures of the dominant national population and eventually the subculture stops to exist. Examples of this case are the ...
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