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Hypothesis Test: The Difference Between The Means Of Two Sample Groups (Statistics Project Sample)


Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis Test Students Name University Affiliation Hypothesis Test Two-sample hypothesis test This type of test is employed in cases when one would like to know whether a significance difference exists between the means of two sample groups. There are various assumptions made when carrying such analysis. It is usually assumed that the data comes from a normal distribution and the sample data was drawn randomly from the population. The null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis for this will be; H0:μAM=μPM Ha:μAM≠μPM Level of significance=0. 05 In this analysis, a pooled sample t test will be performed. Decision will be to reject the null if the t-test statistic falls out of the limits defined by the critical values. From the above, test statistic value is -4.1013 and critical-values=-1.9761 & 1.9761. Therefore, since the t-test statistic value falls outside the rejection region, we will therefore reject the null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance and conclude that there is sufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis and the vice president should know that the two shift times are different. Chi-square hypothesis test This test is employed in cases where one wants to determine if there is a significant relationship between categorical variable. In this, the hypotheses would be; HO: there is no significant relationship between the variable Ha: there is a statistical significa...
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