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Data Analysis Business & Marketing Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Assignment: Application: Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Data
In order to provide meaningful results, research processes must be carefully selected and appropriate for the data being analyzed. Statistical programs such as SPSS are frequently utilized by researchers to conduct the analysis of large data sets. These data are organized to provide meaningful interpretation and often include descriptive statistics. Qualitative analysis is completed using content analysis, looking for patterns and themes that emerge from the data. Individual experiences described in interviews and focus groups are considered data and are often provided as examples to support the results in the study publication. Whether you will engage in either quantitative or qualitative research, it is likely that you will encounter both types of studies in the literature. As a nursing professional, being able to analyze and interpret both types of research designs will be important to affect nursing practice that promotes positive health outcomes in
quality of care and patient safety.
For Part 1 of this Assignment, you will conduct descriptive statistical analyses using quantitative data. For Part 2 of this Assignment, you will conduct content coding to analyze qualitative data. Please review the Instructions: Quantitative Analysis Assignment and Instructions: Content Coding of Student Pet Peeves in this week’s resources to review how to complete both parts of this Assignment.
Part 1: Quantitative Analyses
Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the Instructions: Quantitative Analysis Assignment document in this week’s resources on using the Excel program to conduct descriptive analyses of quantitative data.
The Quantitative Data Excel Assignment spreadsheet that you will need is in the resources for this week.
For this Assignment, you will need to describe the findings from your analyses and summarize what they tell you about these patients and the extent of the adverse events they experienced during their hospitalization by completing the Summary Data Analysis Form in this week’s resources.
Part 2: Qualitative Analyses
Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the Instructions: Content Coding of Student Pet Peeves document in this week’s resources. The document provides detailed instructions on the step-by-step process of conducting the content analysis for this part of the Assignment.
Access the Perceived Pet Peeves Data document located in this week’s resources that includes the narrative descriptions of 10 students about their “pet peeves’ in courses they have taken. (In other words, what are the things that detracted from their learning experiences in these courses)?
The analytic method you will use to analyze the narrative data for this Assignment is called content analysis. It requires you to read each student’s narrative and then code its content using thematic categories on a coding sheet.
Access the Code Sheet: Student Pet Peeve Data document located in this week’s resources to carry out the coding as defined in the instructions.
For the written part of this assignment, you will need to describe the most common types of “pet peeves” that students have about their courses.
I have attached all documents required to develop the assignment


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Week 5: Quantitative Analysis Assignment
Summary Data Analysis Form
This is the form you need to use to describe the findings (or results) of your quantitative analyses of the patient safety data set. For each finding, you are given specific instructions on how to use the Excel program to analyze the data that will give you the results you need for this Assignment. When you have completed the analyses and described your findings on this form, you then need to submit it using the Week 5 platform for assignments.
Analysis 1:
What is the mean age of patients in the patient safety data set?
__54.8___ years
* Open up your patient safety data set using the Microsoft Excel program.
* At the top of your screen, click on “Formulas.”
* Highlight Column B, starting at line 2 and ending at line 52.
* Click on “Autosum,” and then click on “Average.”
* You will find the mean age of patients in the data set on line 52 for Column B.
Analysis 2:
What percentage of patients were reported to have fallen during their hospitalization?
__18___ %

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