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Statistics Project
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Digital Software Developers: Tax Preparation Software Development (Statistics Project Sample)


Write a one page status report (excluding the title page) to the sponsors providing a clear indication of status of the project (suggestion: use green, yellow, or red for status).

Description Of Project:
Company Name: Digital Software Developers
Project Name: Tax Preparation Software Development
Project Manager:
No. Of Software Developers: 10
Status Of The Project:
Incomplete Underway Complete

Milestones and Deliverables.
Expected Time Of Completion

1 Week

2 Weeks

1 Month


No. Of Developers




Will be retiring in one weeks’ time. However, he is able to finish his bit before he clears

Working under the normal set routine, 9 of the developers will be able to submit their work 2 weeks early to the deadline.

New things learnt about project


They will enhance the expected final outcomes.

State Of Workers
Holiday Days/ Weekends

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days


Description: There will be a three day weekend next month

Will not affect the project deadline

Will somehow affect the project deadline

Will highly affect the project deadline


Description: There is a hurricane at Colorado where 3 of the developers are situated

This situation will affect the progress of the project as their safety is endangered to work under unsafe condition

Risk Evaluation
Type of Risk




Hurricanes season at Colorado

It is dangerous working under such conditions which might put the project to a hold

Effective and secure means ought to be secured to harness the cond...
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