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Stats Assignment (Statistics Project Sample)



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Stats Assignment
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According to the analysis the students overall performance is not up to the mark, because the Average marks of all the 50 Students is about 46.52 so , it is not a good sign for the LBBA business school. The director need to take some serious action regarding the course work and course material and one more thing, the study time should be increased with more efficiency and wisely.
The lowest marks and the highest marks scored by the students are 20 and 75 respectively. This gap shows that how the class has performed and how the performance of students has been declined, this is the view of only one subject, it might be different from other subjects but in this course the situation is worse and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
We have made a frequency table with the help of calculating range , then we have taken width by ourselves , we have set the width of 7 , so there are 8 Class Intervals in the data.
After the frequency table we calculated that how many students are falling in the respective categories above 50 marks and below 50 marks so this will further help us to determine the actual position of the students.
Important Points in the Data:
* There are only 2 students in the class who have scored less than 26 marks.
* Only 6 Students have scored more than 26 marks and less than 33 marks in the class.
* Overall 10 students have scored more than 34 and less than 40 marks in the course.
* Completely 11 students have secured more than 41 marks and less than 47 marks in the overall course.
* There are about 6 students who have achieved more than 48 marks and less than 54 marks in the class.
* Another 4 students who were doing well have been able to achieve and score more than 62 marks and less than 68 marks in the course.
* Last but not the least, only 3 students were able to get more than 69 marks and less than 75 marks in the complete course. They were the only best achievers who had actually performed well.
Overall onl...
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