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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Taxation Act of 1967: Advising Ms. Rose Chia on Taxes (Term Paper Sample)


Ms Rose Chia, works as the regional manager in Glorious International (M) Sdn Bhd, a company located in Georgetown, Penang. She commenced her employment in January 2021. However, she has not filed any tax return as her employer had been deducting taxes from her salary on a monthly basis. A friend alerted her about her tax filing obligations.
Advise Ms Rose Chia of her responsibilities as a Malaysian resident taxpayer in relation to the following tax matters:
(i) The filing of Malaysian personal tax returns. (2 marks)
(ii) Ms Rose Chia believes that as she did not receive any tax return form and her employer had been deducting taxes from her salary, she is not liable to furnish an income tax return. Is this belief correct? Explain.


Taxation Act 1967
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Question One
* Section five of the Income Tax of 1967 provides for regulation on filling of tax returns. Sub-section 77 states that any person in Malaysia are required to submit yearly tax returns for the period ending on December. This law though does not apply for companies. This provision is for people who have chargeable income for that given period, one year or for those individuals who do not have a chargeable income for this period of one year or those who had filled returns in the previous years as obliged by the law. In this manner, Ms. Rose falls under the first category of people who have chargeable income and are thus required to fill returns though her employer have already paid her taxes. It’s an obligation and responsibility for Ms. Rose as a Malaysian citizen to fill tax returns as stipulated by the law. Not doing so is breaching section 77 of the Tax Act 1967.
* The belief is incorrect. First, section 77 of the Income Tax 1967 does not require companies to fill tax returns. This law only requires individuals to make the taxation returns. Though the company is paying taxes on her behalf, this is not a clear proof that the company is also filling her tax returns because the company is not obliged to do so. Second, the law requires for those who have or do not have income to fill individual returns. In this case, even after

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