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Customer persona research (Term Paper Sample)




Customer persona research
Student’s name
For any business endeavor to be successful the knowledge of the customer it is targeting is a crucial factor to be put into consideration. This entails a detailed representation of the customer’s base in context. According to Tony Zambito, the buyer persona merely constitute who the buyers are, what they are trying to achieve, the goals that drive their behavior, how they think in what and when to buy and the reason as to why they make purchasing decisions. The purpose of this research paper is to build a customer person on women in the US/Canada aged 35-50 with an annual income $70,000 and above with some educational qualification or a technical skill who are already self-developed (Liu et al. 2015). The main areas of focus are what they are reading, who they are following and what their pain points or challenges are.
There are some daily habits successful women are seen to undertake that keeps them on top of their industries. They always start their day with a positive mind set by meditating and setting priorities every morning. Successful women are seen to be bonding with coworkers to enable easier and better communication. They always visualize success which helps ignite their ambition and always make the first move by creating opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities to come. Successful women try to stay in the moment rather than trying to make everything work thus saving them on energy and never sabotage their confidence by comparing themselves to others (Vanderkam, 2017).
As we look down our history, women have always been in second place. From the lowest unit of the society that is the family, a wife is subjected to the husband, to places of worship not forgetting that professionally they faced a lot of challenges to growing in their field of work. With time women grew stronger that is education wise and professionally. Still much has to be done as they require more resources and opportunities to boost their businesses and improve in their careers. Venturing learned women in business ideas will help the society grown, and they will empower more women van (Acht et al. 2018).
Women in Canada and US age 35-50 are the core builders of businesses in women. They offer roots to other upcoming young women thus making them an easy target in developing more firms in the state. This will mainly improve the status of the women and comes in handy with enhancing women’s economic security and prosperity which can also lead to leadership and democratic participation and ending gender-based violence. "A lady with a bachelor's degree earns $61,000 per year on average, roughly similar to that of a man with an associate's degree," the Georgetown CEW reports. "The same rule holds for women with master's degrees compared to men with bachelor's degrees and for each successive level of educational attainment" (Salminen, 2019).
Education is a crucial thing when starting a business. The purpose of education is to enable the necessary skills, technical know-how and ability to cope with the emerging trends in the economy such as globalization and technology. Education indicators show that a woman who has education and is skillful is more productive in their daily activities. Despite a woman getting educated they still earn an average (Lammel et al. 2016). My business aims at increasing these women’s earning and also spread all over the state and at the long run it’s going to develop the state’s status.
Successful women have explained how the source of positive energy has led them to the paths of greater success. In a recent study done by E. CE Miller, some books have been read by the women of these ages which has inspired them to work to maintain a consistent fulfilling lifestyle. These books are mostly about amazing women who have dared to rise against all the odds and dreamt big and ventured into risky endeavors and took life into their own hands. These women stories have inspired change and growth among themselves in addition to changing the world. Some ladies go on comparing a motivational girl power book to having their guru which you can carry around anytime. Such publications include Tapping the Power Within by Iyanda Vangant and Embracing change by Louise L.Hay, Becoming by Michelle Obama, the Girl boss by Sophia Amoruso and How to win at life and love, coming right up! By Nicol Natale and Dhana M. Chandler. Also, the reading of business, leadership and productivity books has enabled women to be more creative and efficient in the way they go about their day to day activities as their mind will be more opened to new opportunities and possibilities that are there (de Villiers et. al 2017).
Role model
A recent interview on successful women has shown that their success is not solely self-achieved but to shadow over the footsteps of a much more successful person. This technique has proved to be very fruitful in that it acts as a guiding path to those who look up to the much successful individual. Chief Diversity Officer of PricewaterhouseCoopers; age 43 says, "Cultivate a network of trusted mentors and workmates. Other people can give us the best insight into ourselves—and our limitations. We must have the courage to ask for help and to request feedback to expand our vision of what's possible. Self-promotion is rarely easy, but it is critical to success. We can't assume that the people around us understand our talents or know what we're capable of achieving (Price, & Wrigley, 2016).
Social platform has helped to connect the world by allowing easier communication with the touch of a button. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have inspired women in Canada/US to keep on working towards their goals by learning from the experiences of other more successful women. Recent research done by Classy career girl magazine shows that one of the top five women being followed on these social platforms are Emma Watson who is an actor and UN Global Goodwill Ambassador followed by the rest as stated below. With a passion for reading, Alexa von Tobel who is the founder and CEO of LearnVest which is a personal finance company and also is the bestselling author of Financially Fearless, Noramay Cadena who is the Cofounder and MD of Make an innovative tech company. Melinda Gates is a philanthropist and business leader with a passion for gender equality and improving global health and education through her foundation. Also, Arianna Huffington is the Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post, founder, and CEO of Thrive Global a company focusing on well-being and performance to end the epidemic of stress and burnout in business. Then Sheryl Sandberg acts as the Chief Operating Officer of Google and the founder of an online community aimed at connecting and supporting women to achieve (Li et al. 2018).
The successful women are also believed to be following a women entrepreneur group that has mentors and peers who offer reality checks on women’s capabilities and successes that can enable them to grow and learn from their external perspectives and experiences
Pain points
There are various pain points that successful women are faced with in their everyday endeavors. In a world which is dominated by men, women see it as their duty to adapt to stereotypically "male" attitude toward business: competitive, aggressive and sometimes overly harsh. However, they got to stay true to oneself and defy such social expectations as it would only unnerve them an lower their self-esteem.
As observed by Alison Gutterman, CEO, and president of her family's business Jelmar, during her early career she found herself in a male-dominated industry

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