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Managing Change in an Organization Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Managing Change in an Organization


Managing Change in an Organization
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Managing change has always been a tricky issue, especially for previously established complete management systems, which can be a complex and challenging process. Carney (2000) claimed that employees and staff often resist attempts at organizational change. As for Byfield Business College, the newly appointed director, George Boon, was unaware of this. He wasn't satisfied with the central records office system set up by Jane hacking and insisted on changing them coercively, but the changes weren't as successful as expected. He never considered her argument, which caused an issue between the two later. Jane was left feeling low-esteemed because of George's despise. This essay will argue that the main problem with the change was different management culture and style and the failure of effective communication between George Boon and Jane Hacking, as analyzed through the power and control and the structure of the organization. As a result, it will make the following recommendations to the director of the college: X, Y, and Z.”

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