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Marketing Plan's Situation Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


The task was to do a marketing plan’s situation analysis for chewing of bubble gum.


Marketing Plan’s Situation Analysis
Date of Submission:
Marketing Plan’s Situation Analysis 2.0 Situation Analysis
Chewing of bubble gum is often an enjoyable habit by most of people in the world, especially the young child. If one of your family member or you as individual have this behavior of chewing the bubble gum then you must be having a real experience of what an individual feels when bubble gum get stuck in the hair. There are several traditional ways of bubble gum removal from the hair, but most individuals are now focusing on the modern and professional ways of removing bubble gum from the hair (Pahl & Ritcher, 2009). The most common option for individual who get bubble gum stuck in their hair is to get rid of the bubble gum from their hair by undergoing what is commonly referred to an unplanned hair cut. Currently, removal of bubble gum from your hair has been made easy and affordable by introduction of several bubble gum removal products in the market. Instead of opting to traditional methods of bubble gum removal or unplanned hair cut, we have a new hair-care silicone hair drop bubble gum remover that is design to remove stuck bubble gum without interfering with your hair (Kotler & Keller, 2012). 2.1 Market Summary
The market for this product is large since it is a mass market product. However, the problem occurs occasionally since we have not provided for curative mechanism in the market but also preventive techniques. For instance, we have advised how client not to sleep while having bubble gums in their mouths and also not to play with bubble gum when they are enjoying it. With this kind of rare occurrence we will have to position ourselves and our products highly in the mind of our present and potential clients (Fine, 2009).
Market Demographics
“Hair-Care Silicone Drop Bubble Gum Remover” is the product that is design specifically for young children between the ages of 2years to 9 years. This is because of their playful behavior, and can easily find bubble gum stuck in their hair. This age group is very active and most parents have got a rough time taking care of them. Occasionally, this product can be used by parents especially mothers who are involve in childcare since the kids can stick bubble gum in their hair. Regionally, the product is attractive to all kinds of market because of it mass market nature. 2.2 SWOT Analysis
Internal environment
The company key values are some of the key strengths to the company. The company is building on major values of performance, meaning having a passion of winning. We are ready to compete in a tough but fair manner. We are also focused on quality, we put safety and quality in our heart in all the company activities, in how products, people, performance and partnerships. We also respect and we operate within the professional integrity (Pahl & Ritcher, 2009).
One of our major weaknesses is that we don’t have enough resources to roll out our products to the whole market since this is a start up business. Again use of silicone hair drop might stress some customers since it’s a chemical and might cause minimal breakage of the hair as the bubble gum is being pulled out of the hair, but all the advantages outweighs its disadvantages as compared to traditional method of removing bubble gum from the hair (Fine, 2009).
External Environment
The hair-care silicone hair drop bubble gum removal company has got a number of opportunities. To begin with, we are pioneers in offering this services close to potential clients, thus we will enjoy the advantage of being the leader in the market. Secondly, We have several product outlets, for instance cosmetic shops and salons encourages individual to keep their hair from impromptu shaving since it always gives them business. These outlets accepted to help us sell our products since our products also protects their businesses. This reduces resistances in our channels of distribution. Finally, staffs working in various salons, cosmetic shops and barber shops are quick to learn our products in order to help in giving out the correct instruction to the customers (Kotler & Keller, 2012).
We are not foreseeing any threats yet, but the company is always prepared in handling any external challenges that might face the firm from time to time (Fine, 2009). 2.3 Competition
There are a number of c...
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