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The Relevance of Consumers in Marketing (Term Paper Sample)




Consumers and Marketing
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The attitudes consumers have toward a particular product determine whether they will accept, or reject its promotion. The societal values, interests, traditions, and beliefs play a central role for the marketer when designing, and developing a marketing strategy. The product itself also affects the level of acceptance. Playing the role of the chief marketing officer at Spanx, an American-founded company designs and manufactures shapewear, we examine the concepts of marketing and consumers' purchasing decisions in depth (Spanx, n.d.). In the analysis, we begin by defining the company product before looking at the consumer purchasing decision and how the five conceptions affect the process. Also, the research will look at the ethical principles and privacy policies the company should consider when formulating its marketing social media marketing strategy. Concerning that, the paper will hold that social media marketing will have to adhere to various protocols including purchase decision-making process, societal values, ethical principles, and privacy policies to be effective.
Product selection and its typical consumer
The product under review is the shapewear. They are undergarments designed in a way that helps to impermanently alter one's body shape. Notably, the wearers use the shapewear to attain the body figure that perceives most fashionable. The garment originally was designed not to enhance body figure, but to make one look more presentable. The product is becoming famous in different world markets and it is considered a basic-must have a product for every woman. Over the years, the garment has continued to occupy a special place in the wardrobes of most women. Irrespective of the function, the cloth is bound to transform one’s look and inspire significant confidence (Peighambari, Sattari, Kordestani & Oghazi, 2016). What is notable, is that the consumers, who the majority are women, do not get confused when they make their choices.
While the garment is worn by both men and women, the latter form a larger share of the consumer market. Perhaps, that is because they are sensitive to how they look. Maintaining a good figure is the dream of a majority of women. That being the case, most designers and manufacturers are paying more attention to the market segment of women. They form a large part of the market and could help a company to leverage if the designed undergarments meet their expectations (Peighambari et al., 2016). Globally, North America is the largest market for shapewear. It is then followed by the European and Asia Pacific market. The reason that could be attributed to America and Europe being the mature markets for shapewear, is because of the increasing cases of obesity. For example, about 35% of Americans are doubted to suffer from obesity. One critical symptom of a person suffering from obesity is being overweight and shapeless (Industry Probe, 2019). Consequently, the demand for shapewear in those markets and innovation is playing a central role in manufacturing the shapewear the consumers are comfortable with.
Consumer Purchase Decision
Definition of the consumer purchase decision
Consumer purchase decision refers to the process through which a consumer identifies a need, before generating options and choosing the specific product, or brand that serves that particular need (Peighambari et al., 2016). The process could take place even when one is buying a simple, and obvious product like toothpaste. The same process could be replicated in major transactions like buying land, a house, or a car. In all cases, a consumer has to bear the need in the mind, the options available in the market, and the one specific options that suit the specific needs.
While the process of purchasing shapewear could look simple, it takes into consideration all those procedures. A consumer must understand what she needs, before looking at the different shapewear options available in the market. The consumer purchase decision for shapewear borrows heavily from two of the five conceptions of a consumer. The two conceptions are the wary consumer and the capable consumer (Peighambari et al., 2016). In the wary consumer conceptions, a buyer should beware. In that case, one should make an effort to more about the product including the terms of purchase and the level of quality. The market for shapewear gets little interference from the authorities. That is because the garments are treated like any other clothes even though they could have some side effects. About that, one should do due diligence before settling on particular shapewear and making any payment to a dealer, or manufacturer. On one end, the capable consumer operates in a free market. In the free market, the combination of economic and ethical notions helps them function smoothly. As a consumer, one is supposed to play their role to help the marketplace function smoothly. That implies that as a consumer of shapewear, one should behave in a manner that rewards companies that produce quality and punish those that compromise quality. That is by deciding to buy, or not to buy because of the level of quality. As consumers of shapewear, one should know the quality they want to make the right decision about which manufacturer to buy from.
How the product is suited for marketing
Marketing and advertising of the shapewear play a central role in the performance of the product in the marketplace. In marketing the product, the two conceptions above, are central to formulating a marketing strategy for our company. According to the wary consumer, the focus should be to share as much information as possible to the consumers of shapewear so that they can make appropriate purchase decisions. Helping the consumers to what is available, how to access it and their specific obligation is fundamental in making informed purchasing decisions. On one end, the capable consumer should be treated as a very important person. Striving to offer quality shapewear, will help prevent backlash from the consumers (Peighambari et al., 2016). They could easily punish a company by stopping buying from them. The two conceptions are more suited to the way the industry operates. No much control by respective governments is exercised. The remaining three conceptions serve well where there are standards and the consumer is highly protected by the government.
Ethical Principles
The company under review is Spanx. Is an American-founded Company and globally known brand for designing and manufacturing shapewear (Spanx, n.d.). They operate in a mature market for the product and looking forward to expanding their operations in various parts of the world including Asia and Africa. The market there has growth potential. In the process of expansion, marketing plays a central in getting the target market to accept and use their product. However, one issue they have to contend with is the aspect of ethical marketing (Woolfe, 2019). That is because the product is less regulated and should take its initiative to do what is right, and fair to a consumer. The ethical principles the company will apply in marketing the product include being transparent, protecting consumer data and privacy, meaningfully addressing the concerns of consumers, maximize benefits while minimizing risks, and make factual comparisons and claims. The principles are essential in protecting the consumer. In particular, being transparent is essential in addressing the issue of caveat emptor, or consumer beware. The information Spanx will share all necessary information with the consumers to protect them from any harm that will arise as a result of transacting with them.

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