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Sultans Coffee Restaurant Business Plan (Term Paper Sample)


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Sultans Coffee Restaurant Business Plan
Students Name
Institutional Affiliation
NAME: Sultan's coffee restaurant
Address: 125 Aziz Road
Mail: [email protected]
Mission statement:
Offering a client-friendly, relaxing atmosphere with a decent cost of delivering nutritious food, service, and leisure.
Goals and objectives
The company strives to build real sales, a demand, and a working climate that is friendly and offers equal treatments to consumers and staff.
The primary goals of the organization are:
* Profits—about 70,000 dollars for three years
* Customers- build a resident and worker restaurant center. These people like to "hang out" for a relaxing spot.
* Staff- committed and trustworthy professionals.
Business Description
Customers are intensely active in the coffee house industry. Sultan's Restaurant is situated in the northern district of Jeddah. Sultan's coffee restaurant would allow customers to demand decent coffee and better service in a cozy and welcoming environment. The juice is made available for non-alcoholic drinks and soda. People will enjoy all meals at the Sultan's coffee restaurant.
The architecture of the building would capitalize on a quiet atmosphere. Sultan's Restaurant is split into various sections. The others have huge sofas and chairs, coffee tables, dinner tables, racket racks filled with books, lamps, and ripping cupboards. The APA framework is optimized for continuous music and enjoyment. There will be a wide range of table games.
The entertainment manager will play Blues and Arabic music throughout the night. There is a three-mile radius of coffee around Sultan's Restaurant, and young, high-income mobile people are densely populated. Also, several baby boomers, who constitute a significant percentage of people attending coffee restaurants, are from the largest middle class. Over time, the company will be able to change. Sultan's Restaurant has a surface area of 2000 meters and a flexible kitchen, instead of a little room that limits future opportunities. The strategic planning team will turn the Sultan's coffee restaurant into a very competitive restaurant in the future.
Exhibition and promotion would include a range of choices. The next step would be to distribute neighborhood leaflets. Since Sultan's coffee restaurant will be the first union restaurant in the region, ads will be available in all union newsletters. Foods and newsletters for the Burns district are also targeted. One sole owner will operate the Sultan's coffee restaurant. Menus are also distributed throughout the city. There will be payments on such withdrawals for two years of equal interest installments. The amount of $120,000 required to begin is given by the owner.
The owner is in charge of General Management. The manager brings years of management experience to the organization. The Sultan's coffee restaurant focuses mainly on the people at risk of fragility to workplace challenges.
Products and Services
The first-class service at the Sultan's coffee restaurant involves premium pillories of hot and cold beverages, together with white and black coffee, milk-focused goods, and many supplies offered through the menu. The company's core services include vital business plans, productive promotion strategies, tailored advertising content, weekly reports, education, presentations, and new industry developments in coffee and drinks (Zavisic & Medic, 2016).
Product description: Many of the available items include:
• Coffee Black & White
• Hotdog and Steak
 • Sodas
• Toppings in coffee
• Product of cappuccino
• Milk chocolate, caramel syrups/sauces •
• Energy drinks and Snacks
• Refrigerated products 
• Refrigerated products 
During the opening period, customers will have access to most of these items. The coffee restaurant will deliver the same goods at reasonable prices through constant, full-service distribution.
Service Description
Our services are an essential part of our market and not just our goods. In addition to our full-service distribution, the following are additional essential support functions that we provide to our consumers:
* a. Ideas to help consumers increase their purchases through menu creation, creative advertising, collaboration, etc.
* b. Custom content, including posters, leaflets, punch cards, reader's boards, etc. Personalized promotional content.
* In a monthly newsletter, share coffee patterns, current processing equipment, business news, promotional concepts, new creative recipes, and future events.
* Final product releases presentations – with a focus on the marketing to the end consumer of new items.
Competitive advantages: No other restaurant in the region offers comprehensive product line service like the target restaurant. We are more capable of satisfying the need for specialty drinks and coffee supplies than our key competitors; because we mostly focus on high-quality distribution and service. In addition to the variety of goods that we offer, the coffee warehouse has exclusive distribution rights for Decent Cow's processed milk-dispenser. This product is not currently available in our enterprise from any other outlet.
Competitive disadvantages: We are a young business, mostly operating at established restaurants, our biggest mistake. We need to remove customers from existing restaurants and seek new clients to build up sales significantly. However, we can quickly build our accounts and create a clear connection with the alternative of superior fabrics, innovative, imaginative customer goods, and an increase in service delivery overall.
Marketing plan: Coffee appears to be next to oil, the world's second-largest sector, which is predicted to keep pace with potential growth. Drinks are rising at the same speed, and market growth in specific segments is projected to increase at 40% annually. This growth provides new businesses excellent opportunities to enter this business, and we are delighted with the coffee restaurant opportunities provided by Sultan. (Colombia, 2015).
Facts about the industry: The black, white coffee and beverage markets are various divisions. Customers buy drinks in restaurants, coffeehouses, recreational centers, traveling expressos, and other stores with different soda booths. Customers can access Spokane, Spresso's retail stores, ten stands at sporting venues, and colleges on the map below. The table below and the pie chart demonstrate the global coffee demand review according to The Culinary Chase (2019).
Table: Market analysis
Market Analysis

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Potential Customers



Drive-thru Espresso
















Tea/Coffee Houses








Other coffee items








Overall calculations








Chart: Market Analysis (Pie chart)
Product and Customer
At first, the coffee shop of Sultan is supposed to touch these expresso stands along with all the expresso that we designate on the market in-house. For this business, the services we intend to provide are essential. Critical needs require quality products at affordable prices, outstanding service, and beneficial offers. Those small, exclusive businesses are more commonly overlooked and needed to use massive restaurants. The advantages of marketing programs, customer care, and full-service can also be huge for smaller organizations.
Customer demographics: Gender: Male and female
Social Class: Upper and middle
Age: 19 years to 80 years
Competition: We face a hurdle of having few restaurants selling the same merchandise in our market, there is still plenty of room for the new company. In particular, there is room for developing firms, who understand the need for high-quality logistics and deal help and the product at a reasonable price.
Marketing strategy: One tactic is to use social media to send coupons to web users in the field in which y...

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