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Team Leadership and Empowerment (Term Paper Sample)

It is about team leadership and empowerment source..
Team Leadership and Empowerment Name: Institution: Date: Team Leadership and Training Senior Management Training at ORBITT Company Theme: Team Leadership and Empowerment Topic: Establishing High Performance Teams at ORBITT Company Speaker: XYZ The question of leadership and empowerment is a critical function of management in many organizations. Many current organizational trends have also revealed that team leadership and team empowerment are critical ingredients for the success of a team. Research has shown that there is a correlation between team leadership and team effectiveness. One of the most important elements worth noting is that teams will function well depending on the approach taken. Consequently, while it is important to note that leadership is hierarchical, leadership in the context of adult teams should also be treated as a collective process. This is particularly so since team members in an organization bring in different skills and expertise for the success of the team. Both the team leader and team members should come out as active participants in a team. It is in this context that as the senior management, and as people in charge of various teams, you should appreciate that for the success of team processes, you should work closely with your team members. Most importantly, as senior managers at ORBITT, you should strive first to understand each team member as an individual before rushing to handle the whole team as a group. There are various dynamics, roles and responsibilities worth taking note of for purposes of team leadership and empowerment. For effective team leadership and empowerment, you should observe the following critical areas of management approaches while handling your teams. The first thing to have in mind is that employees always look up to you to provide strategic direction and leadership. As you embark on your daily responsibilities, the most critical task is team management within the strategic direction of the company. In order to establish high performance in line with the strategic direction and objectives of the company, you have to demonstrate team leadership and empowerment. Each one of you will be solely responsible for the effectiveness of his/her team and accountable to the company for the level of his/her team success. While managing a team as a team leader, or in your capacity as a senior manager, it is important to understand that team members are adult professionals and must be handled as such. Your team members are professionals who bring in different levels of expertise and experience to the team. Consequently, it is also vital to appreciate that such team members are usually self-directed, achievement focused, goal oriented and are practical. Your role as a senior manager, in many cases, would be to direct their effort in one direction for the achievement of a common goal. Even so, it is important to understand your team dynamics. This calls for you to understand the emotional intelligence and emotional reality of a team. This is particularly so from the observation that despite a team’s qualification, its effectiveness is tied to interpersonal relationship within its members. Understanding such interpersonal relationship will help you understand how to regroup the team when there is a need to send them on small assignments to clients. Take for instance that you need to do a follow up at one of the local universities where you recently offered some IT solutions. In the event that you need to send only two or three members, you may want to send the people you are sure work best within their small sub-group. Your understanding of your team’s interpersonal relationship would guide you in making such a decision Moreover, understanding of your teams interpersonal relationships would also help you handle team challenges such as groupthink, scapegoating and conflicts. Besides, you will have to understand the emotional tone in a team and how it is closely tied to overall team effectiveness. You will have to set the right emotional tone and emotional reality. A team leader with high emotional intelligence is capable of managing team norms. A team leader with a high emotional intelligence will also be able to maximize the cooperation of his/her adult te...
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