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Write a plan (Term Paper Sample)


Turning a failing organization around is one of the most interesting activities in management. When organizations see themselves in that downward spiral, their managers may feel that they are unable to stop the pace of negative change. That worry and that downward momentum can be very powerful. At the same time, it sometimes takes only a key impetus to deflect that movement and turn things around. Consider the following scenario: You have recently been hired as a new manager for a failing division in a company. The product line is outdated and losing market share, interdepartmental communication is adversarial, and competition for corporate funding is fierce. As a new manager, how are you going to turn things around? Your first task as the new manager is to write a 2?????3 page plan for changing the organizational structure of the failing division, incorporating the following elements: Explain how you would address each of the 3 main problems in the organization: outdated product lines, adversarial communication, and competition for internal resources. Thinking about organizational structures reviewed in the text, which one (or ones) do you think would be most suited to this organization, and why? What steps would you suggest to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new? How would you assess the external environment and integrate this into the turn-around plan? Remember to use the library or other credible resources to support your argument. Be sure to cite your sources using the correct standard of APA.


Write a plan
Management is one of the most important aspects in the governance of organizations in accomplishing long term and short term goals. Many organizations fail to achieve their objectives as a result of poor management. From these facts, it is evident that managers have a very challenging task of ensuring the prosperity of organizations. There are many factors which have to be considered if an organization has to thrive in a particular niche market. Organizational structure is one of the factors that has to be critically analyzed because it has some impact in ensuring that organization achieves the long term and short term objectives. Other important factors include the products and services, communication and competition from within and without the organization.
The quality of the products and services offered by a particular organization has a great impact if an organization has to be successful (Waddel, 2011). An organization’s performance may fail as a result of outdated products in the market. There are many strategies which may be implemented to counter this problem. One of the strategies that a manager may apply towards dealing with the issue of outdated products would be rebranding. Rebranding is a marketing strategy that has proved to be effective and efficient towards promoting the products of a particular organization (Juneja, 2011). Promotions would be an additional strategy that would make the products more familiar with the customers. These strategies are just but a few which would have some impact towards uplifting a failing organization.
Communication is a very important factor when it comes to the performance of a particular organization. Adversarial communication has been known to lead to the failure of organizations and this implies that strategies to counter the failure have to be adopted. One of the strategies that managers would have to apply to enhance communication would be to apply the chain of command rule. The chain of command is applicable whereby information follows a specific flow. This therefore counters any cases of communication breakdowns. Adversarial communication is successfully countered by applying the strategy. Another strategy that would help in solving the problem would be to adopt the latest forms of technology in communication. Intranet application would be effective within the organization as it would enhance communication within the organization.
Competition is healthy in the environment of any organization be it the internal or external environment. It acts as a measure of how competent an organization is in delivering its products or services to the customers. Competition is one of the reasons behind the failure of a particular organization (Luis, 2008. There are a variety of measures that managers should apply towards countering competition for the internal resources within an organizational setting. One of the measures would be the competitive pricing strategy of products and services. Competitive pricing is where an organization compares the prices of its products and services before setting its own. Another measure is ensuring that the quality of )the organizations products and services are at a higher level compared to that of the competitors. These measures would upgrade the performance of a failing organization.
The structure of an organization acts as a determinant to the success in achieving organizational goals. An organization’s performance may deteriorate as a result of the structure. In such a situation, the top management is entitled towards switching the structure in a way that would improve the performance of the organization. One of the factors that the managers would have to consider when altering the structure of the organization would be the size of the organization (Prachi, 2011). For instance a very large organization should not have a lot of bureaucracy in its structure. However, bureaucracy works best with a small organization. Once such considerations are made, then the managers may be in a position to come up with a structure that suits the organization.
The environment of the organization is a crucial aspect when it comes to improving the performance of a failing organization (Luis, 2008). This is because the environment harbors a lot of factors that are directly linked to the performance of the organ...
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