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Multiplicity of Film Communications & Media Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Therefore, the paper focuses on the concept of multiplicity concerning scenes interconnection basing on themes and character appearances relevance to the TV Series the wire.


Multiplicity in Film
According to Calvino, film development epitomizes an encyclopedia. It is regarded an encyclopedia because it is a perfect representation of the multiplicity of scenes. The episodes building are like a library, a series of styles and stock of objects since they can be scuffled and rearranged in different ways. In other words, film directors attempt to exhaust a film’s knowledge from different angles with the technique of multiplicity. The creation of a film should come out as a system of knowledge, series of interconnections between the events, the people and phenomenon of the world. In a film context, the aspect of the film trilogy is the equivalent of multiplicity. Trilogy allows unrelated plots and scenes to complement each other as there is a systematic overlap of characters throughout the movie. The episodes are designed to run with flip-flops of views showing their interconnectedness such as accidental passing of aspects of different episodes. In the TV series The Wire, multiplicity has been employed to intensify the so-called viewing experience. Therefore, the paper focuses on the concept of multiplicity concerning scenes interconnection basing on themes and character appearances
In The Wire, the idea of multiplicity is exemplified in the way the storyline in episodes is mapped into each other. The screenplays have connected themes, plots, settings, visual aspects, character plays, and other cinematographic aspects such as lighting, coloring, and decors. Coming up with an exciting storyline for a film is like in any form of an art as it goes beyond just creating witty lines to ensuring that every aspect is in place. In the series, the writers and directors have achieved to compile each particular scene in a manner that even the audience cannot notice the pattern that is being followed. Filling mapping is not set in a formulaic pattern to prevent it from looking like a predictable series of event. Instead, as you watch from the first episode, season 1 of The Wire, the mapping of scenes are done to facilitate natural draping of the storyline. Inherently, charting in the Wire has spatially connected to highlight the relationship between opportunity and location, justice and safety, quality of academics, and accessibility to jobs.

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