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Single-Subject Design: Addressing the Issue of Bullying in Schools (Term Paper Sample)


This assignment will require you to define the problem you would like to address or the new skill you would like to learn and why. Include a brief explanation of your SSD. What problem are you trying to address? What is/are your dependent variable (s)?What is/are your independent variable (s)?What specific questions do you have for me about your project? A solid plan will yield solid results! This should be no longer than one page SSD(single system design or single system research design) TEXTBOOK:Royse, D., Thyer, B., & Padgett, D. K., (2016). Program evaluation: Anintroduction (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN:9781305480650


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Bullying in schools has continued to be a major issue to date. Different strategies have been put in place to curb bullying but the problem has been persistent in various schools. Single-subject design is therefore geared towards addressing the issue of bullying in schools (Gerald, Estrada-Hernández, & Wadsworth, 2019).

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