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Ae Fond Kiss Movie Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


This is a movie analysis


Ae Fond Kiss Movie Analysis
Ae Fond Kiss Movie Analysis
In the movie Ae Fond Kiss, the director analyzes a theme, which appears to be very sensitive yet he brings it out with love and affection. Loach depicts a moving relationship between the main characters Eva Birthistle, an Irish Catholic, and Atta Yaqub. Loach’s works is a perfect example of cultural diversity and harmony in the contemporary society outside the stereotypes perspectives. It also depicts aspects of religion and values. It is important to note that some of the values that are apparent in the movie either implicitly or explicitly are Islamic culture, Christianity, and values of the west. The movie also captures on political Islam and Islamic law. In order to conduct a thorough analysis of the movie for proper understanding, this paper shall summarize and analyze the movie. It will also conduct a comparison with the identified themes using the works of Siddiqui M. on matters of religion and Ernst C. on Islam in the contemporary society. Thesis statement shall be: cultural and religious differences are not a hindrance to global integration and socialization beyond the basics of acquaintances.
Summary and Analysis of the Movie
In the movie, the main protagonists, Casim (Yaqub) and Roisin (Birthistle) meet in unpredictable circumstances and the two develop a liking for each other. It happens that Casim has been arranged for by his family to get married to his Jasmine. Jasmine happens to be his first cousin and traditionally the two of them can marry. Casim, a DJ by profession is unhappy with this arrangement and opts to do away with such an arrangement. It happens that this was an arrangement that his parents entered into on his behalf. The movie depicts Casim’s parents as very devout Muslims. They are Tariq and Sadia. It is in the aftermath of the planned marriage that Casim meets Roisin and falls in love with her. Loach depicts Roisin as a teacher in a Catholic school where Casim’s sister attends her studies. She works as a part-time music teachers and as such, she is able to apply successfully for a short holiday break. This comes after they had seen the advert in tours and travel business and they opt to try the outing together.
During the short holiday that they take together, Casim increasingly becomes free with her and tells her about the planned traditional marriage to his cousin. The two lovebirds then face a challenging cultural conflict where Casim’s family refuses to accept his choice of the Catholic girl. Other ripple effects also follow in the story, amongst them being that Casim’s sister, Rukhsana, is forced to help carry the burden of the consequences of his brother’s action. Her fiancé ditches her on grounds that her family does not observe strict adherence to sharia law. This is in reference to Casim’s decision to marry Roisin over Jasmine. On the other side, Roisin also faces her trouble with the Catholic school. Apparently, she had once been married although she is separated. The fact that she is staying with Casim is a big deal to the school, which observes strict adherence to Christian values. Loach also depicts characters that are so resolute with their choices. While Casim still insists that his choice of partner has to be respected, Tahara is also following her academic passion in journalism much to the disapproval of her parents.
Analysis of Ae Fond Kiss
In a way, the director creates a picture of a new generation of Muslims who make effort to do away with some practices that are inconsistent with the current time. He draws individuals who not only portray culture, but who also are making an effort to redefine culture in their own way. The two characters depict a contemporary cultural perception of Islam about the west and the west about Islam. Loach depicts a situation that whereas the modern generation is tolerant and easily embraces one another irrespective of their cultural background, the older generation is still inclined to discriminate. The director also captures the reality in relationships particularly when a conflict has a...
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