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Leadership Reflection Report (Term Paper Sample)


develop a leadership reflection report basing your argument on given attached files.


Leadership reflection report
Leadership is a virtue that is built through experience and workshops. Leadership refers to a skill that enables one to organize, plan and direct others on how to carry out tasks in a group or an organization. Reflection on leadership refers to the process of analyzing ones strengths and weaknesses after a period of leadership. It helps leaders to improve on their leadership skills and thus better performance of their organization. Reflection on leadership is important in any organizational context and helps both the management and the employees to create a better working environment and communication among them. Reflection on leadership is a tool that helps leaders to realize their potential and improve on their weaknesses to achieve.
A reflection on leadership involves focus on leadership traits, situational leadership skills, leadership style, and working skills. Leadership traits in this case involve inborn skills that help a leader to relate well with junior staff members and employees. From the questionnaire averages, I have good communication with others. The questionnaire also revealed that I am self-confident as most respondents strongly agreed with this. The respondents also saw me to be trustworthy as I am authentic and inspire their confidence. In addition to this, I am also dependable and friendly to colleagues. From personal assessment, I know that I am outgoing and empathetic towards others. I am also sensitive when tactful situations arise and show tolerance and understanding of others abilities and circumstances. I am also a determined individual, follow my goals to completion, and act with certainty. On the other side, the questionnaire revealed that I am not very persistent on my goals and can change focus depending on the situations that arise. This is not a good character for a leader and needs to be improved for better leadership. I also need to improve on insight and be perceptive to junior staff members. Improving on leadership traits is paramount to better leadership and improvement in performance.
From the situational leadership questionnaire, I have a good situational control ability and gave the correct action to be taken on three of the four situations. Situational leadership abilities are important as they enable one to make the best decision when approached with tricky and challenging situations. The ability to make better decisions when faced with situations also shows that one is confident in himself and that one uses creative and critical thinking. It boosts confidence in employees, as they know that they will be on the correct course of action when they follow your decisions. Situational leadership skills are important as they enable one to save the organization on situations that are both urgent and tricky. Better decision making in such situations boosts employees trust and confidence in a leader and improves respect for a leader. Situational leadership skills also help a leader to delegate duties appropriately and advice junior staff on how to tackle different situations in life. Such skills are very important as they help a leader to carry out the day-to-day activities accordingly to improve on the organization’s output.
In addition to the above leadership abilities, a leader is also supposed to have extensive skills in his area of specialization. This includes the ability to undertake difficult tasks and show junior employees on the best ways of undertaking a task. This boosts respect among the employees and makes them have confidence in you when you give advice and directions regarding job situations. Such skills can be divided into three categories: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. From the questionnaire rating, I have a rating of 23 for the human skills, 26 for the technical skills, and 20 for the conceptual skills. In consideration to the human skills, these are concerned with junior employees’ wellbeing, and how organization decisions affect their wellbeing. It is a collection of all the interactions between a leader, the rules at an organization, and the junior staff members. The technical skills apply to how a leader is able to tackle technical tasks at the work place and how one is able to give directions on how technical work should be carried out. The conceptual skills apply to how a leader is able to solve foreseen problems and technicalities. It shows how one is broad minded, a critical and creative thinker when faced with situations and problems at the work place.
In addition to the above leadership evaluation guidelines, there is leadership style. This involves leader’s abilities such as early planning, scheduling, and delegating. It also can include the ability of a leader to foresee any upcoming problems, events, and activities that have ...
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