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Social-Emotional And Cognitive Development: The Student Plan (Term Paper Sample)


The student's social, emotional development will be improved by encouraging the student to play and interact with the other students rather than spending most of his free time on his laptop.

Portrait of a Learner Case Study: Student Plan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The observation log illustrates Joey’s developmental needs and abilities in learning, social-emotional and cognitive development. The developmental learning domain indicates that Joey has learning abilities such as the capability to settle and prepare the class without supervision. Additionally, Joey follows instructions as he follows the paraprofessional’s guidelines. However, the student has challenges with avoiding distractions. On the other hand, the social-emotional domain indicates that Joey is social. He interacts easily with the other students and makes friends without much adore. Joey is also polite as he allows two girls to get ahead of him during the lunch break. It is also essential to note that his behavior is dependent on other people’s approval. On that note, Joey seemed happier and continued with the conversation on observing that his friends were laughing at his jokes. However, he prefers to play video games instead of going out to play with friends. It is critical to observe that the student needs the help of a paraprofessional to identify changes in occasions but was behaving maturely without close supervision. Notwithstanding, the cognitive development observation indicates that being in a non-Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) is a challenge to Joey. The student claims that the class is too annoying and challenging. It is critical to note that when the student was in a science class without an ICT teacher, he finds it difficult to concentrate and is often disrupted. The developmental insights help in promoting the learning opportunities for Joey. The cognitive development observation shows that the student learns best in an Integrated Co-teaching class. Therefore, Joey should attend ICT classes on a full-time basis. The student is distracted and tries to interrupt other students to gain attention. Thus, the ICT teacher helps in breaking down lessons for him consequently enhancing his involvement and concentration (Hunter, Laursen & Seymour, 2007). On the other hand, the social, emotional observations indicate that Joey interacts well with the other students. Consequently, he can learn best from his friends. On that note, lessons should incorporate class discussions between students to enhance the student’s understanding. The cognitive observations also indicate that the Joey finds it easy to comprehend concepts by seeking answers from his friends. It is also crucial to note that Joey would work well in a group due to his politeness. Moreover, the learning reflection shows that the student can start off lessons without the paraprofessional’s directions. Hence, it will be easy to schedule classes as the student takes little time to settle. It is also important to note that Joey enjoys using iPads to study; thus, most of the learning activities should be done using the iPad. Joey appears to learn best in from other students. The cognitive reflection shows that the student enjoys asking questions and getting responses from other students. Therefore, the teaching plan should include group interactive group discussions to help the student master the concept. Additionally, the learner is motivated when the teacher or the other students recognize and appreciate his efforts. On that note, Burrhus Frederic Skinner principle of operant conditioning and reinforcement is applicable in developing the student’s teaching plan. Operant conditioning is a learning technique that uses rewards and punishments to enhance the student’s learning and mastery (Mcleod, n.d.). Therefore, Joey should be promised rewards for tasks completed successfully. Such awards include allowing him to play video games on his laptop. Joey will be motivated to complete tasks diligently as he expects a reward in return. Additionally, Bandura’s learning theory will be applied in designing the teaching approach for the student. The theory suggests that it is possible to influence behavior without punishment or rewards. The model indicates that individuals alter their behavior based on the observations made on the other people’s reaction. Therefore, the lesson should allow the Joey to express himself and get his peers approval to motivate him to concentrate in class. The practices that will help in creating meaning for Joey include incorporating a reward system. The student is active and works optimally when he expects a compensation at the end of the class (Bouton, 2007). It is also essential to note that that the student’s abilities can be utilized in creating an effective student plan. Joey can start class activities independently. The capability can be used in developing the timetable for the student activities. The student will manage tight lessons and short breaks between lessons. The breaks are essential as the student has a short concentration period. Therefore, the breaks will help the students relax and regain concentration. Additionally, Joey works well and enjoys using iPads; so, a majority of the lessons should incorporate the use of iPa...
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