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Pillars of Engineering from a Nuclear Engineer's Perspective (Term Paper Sample)


Look at the Leadership Academy page from the College of Engineering. Read the "Pillars" carefully. Reflect on these 5 pillars and your experience and goals. Which of the 5 will be the toughest challenge for you on your engineering journey? Why? Which of the 5 seems logical and easiest for you? Why? Write a thoughtful reflection that includes all 4 questions. Length should be no more than 2 pages. You may use double spacing if you want to.
my major is Nuclear Engineering.


Engineering Pillars
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Engineering Pillars
Engineering is a discipline and profession that employs science and mathematics to design or make things, as such leadership skills are critical in ensuring its success. In soliciting a viable leadership plan, several pillars are relied upon to provide a clear roadmap towards attaining the desired objectives, including ethics, purpose, professionalism, inclusivity, and collaboration, among others.
Personally, inclusivity presents a more significant challenge, more so in the field of Nuclear Engineering and any other engineering field. This challenge is influenced by the fact that at some point in an inclusive environment, one or more other partners might feel superior to the rest, which might bring about the rivalry. The slightest mistake in such circumstances might lead to loss of property and even lives. Bearing in mind that engineering involves making the decision that is life dependent, and as such, inclusivity should be up to a certain level which ought not to be exceeded, in inclusivity a sense of ownership lacks since all the involved parties have the right of claim to the project.

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