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Almarai Company Report Analysis Literature & Language Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Here I was tasked with writing a report analysis of any company located in the middle east. FOR MY CASE I SETTLED ON ALMARAI COMPANY. I manaGED to talk about AMARAI SWOT ANALYSIS and also the political, economical, and legal challenges that the company faces.


Almarai Company Report Analysis
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Almarai Company Report Analysis
Almarai Company is the leading food and beverage producer and supplier in Asia. The Company’s headquarters is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it operates across all Middle East’s countries. The Company started its operations in 1977 upon its formation. Almarai Company remains to be the most recognized Middle East food and beverage manufacturer (Al Mheir et al., 2020). The Company practice a quality culture throughout its entire departments. Consumer satisfaction is the Company’s priority. The Company produces juice, dairy products, cakes, poultry products and infant nutritional supplements.
Almarai Company SWOT Analysis
1 Strengths-The following remain to be the Company’s strengths since its formation:
* Strong distribution network
* Good brand with quality products
* Almarai remain to the leader in the dairy market in the Gulf region
* Hot climatic conditions around the Company is favorable for the beverage market
Almarai Company remains to be the number one food and beverage producer along the Gulf area. The sixty percent market share that the Company gets gives it a better chance to be ahead of all its competitors in the market industry. The research carried out by Al Zubaid, and Nobanee (2020) shows that the Company has a well-organized and functioning quality management and assurance team that ensures that the products manufactured by the Company meet consumer expectations. Almarai’s sales and marketing team are integrated adequately with good communication and negotiation skills. The Company’s technical department ensures that there is a smooth network distribution for easy access to information from its database. Also, the Company has enjoyed benefits such as 7-Days Lousine and Alyoum linked to its acquisitions and mergers.

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