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Analyzing Curriculum Guide (Term Paper Sample)

discussion and analysis of curriculum guide source..
Analyzing Curriculum Guide Name: Institution: Generally, a curriculum is based on the philosophy of its developer, for instance, standards that were seen as the basis. The curriculum affects the teachers and students a great deal yet they are seen as the least contributors to how it is constructed as well as developed. There have been arguments that teachers need to be more engaged in the curriculum guides, as it is through this that they will implement information they have always regarded vital. Further, it is easier for teachers to use what they have prepared themselves as it is easier understood. At times comprehending the curriculum presented may prove hard on teacher's part thus misguiding students. The basis for curriculum development is classified into outsiders, intermediate and insiders. To start with, the outsiders encompass those at the national and federal levels. The national herein including the greatest commercials, whereas, the federal are those of areas with governing legislations. The Intermediate include the state level while the insiders are teachers who as earlier stated are rarely participants (Glickman , 2004). According to the New Jersey Core Curriculum, there are several content standards that can be used as the basis for coming up with curriculum guides. These standards include; the teaching and learning Standards employed at the pre schools and further the K-12 standards. The latter in this case encompass the following; the Visual and Performing Arts, Social Studies, Science, World Languages, Comprehensive Education, both health and physical as well as Technology and the 21st century standards in the then life and careers of the times. The Council of Chief States School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governor's Association partner with other various organizations to set the required content standard initiatives which are common core since New Jersey is among the governed states or rather basis for Mathematics and Language Arts Literacy. The guide brings forth important priorities in education that are in line with the required knowledge and skills that the students and teachers require after they are through with secondary education. The skills would include those required in community colleges, those of technical training, military, direct recruitment to jobs and other several careers. Some of these are in response to the needs of the 21st century generation which has popularly come to be regarded as that of the digital learners. The curriculum guide hence aims at incorporating the literacy that has emerged with time due to the innovative nature of the economy and the availability of information. The guide should go a big mile in ensuring problems in the education field are solved and that the students undergoing the learning process end up as ethical citizens. The students in the 21st century require that their curriculum guides be constructed in line with all the changes that take place and the current developments, The earlier standards should be revised to a higher level to integrate the needs of the country products at the time. In this era, teachers need to be involved so as to keep them abreast of the changes they expect. The most important aspect is that of technology and connections available in the 21st century as opposed to the earlier generations and more so the upcoming global changes and themes. The traditional curricular requires a total new face and approaches to ensure that learning environments are in line with the needs of the 21st century (N.J. D. E,2010). The teachers and students have much more to do than was the case in the traditional world. The academic content of the curriculum guides need a deeper content that will equip both teachers and students to be able to solve all emerging issues. While at writing of curriculum guides, there are several formats that may be used or rather followed. To start with, is behavioral objective entails there being a linear format with regard to the set objectives. This is the traditional means by which and end has been reached. However the drawback arises since teachers are not involved in the construction and thus it is not clear as to which format would be the highest yielder. A second format is that widely used by William Kilpatrick as early as in 1925 and is known as webbing. This shows activities and their outcomes. Posner and Rudnitsky further came up with a format, which combined the first two discussed ones, by the name conceptual mapping. It has been through this that teachers have got directions and ways of accomplishing their skills by providing services to students. The results format demands that the teacher is liable for the results and not the procedures used to reach the results. Thus in this specific format, the end justifies the means. The curriculum guide in this case was developed using conceptual mapping format, which is a more result yielding mode especially for the 21st century. For instance, webbing goes very well in hand with the needs of t...
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