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Jungian view about Terminator II movie (Term Paper Sample)

The task is about the movie Terminator II. This sample essay is about the Jungian view about the movie. source..
Student Name Professor Name Course Date Jungian view about Terminator II movie Jungian believed that most of the traits in people are hereditary. This has been passed on from their ancestors. The traits are the major factor for the determination of one's behavior and most importantly, in the determination of their character, their psychic structure and their reactions. Although there are many types of archetypes, Jungian defined the primary types of the archetypes that demonstrate the human basic motivation. They comprise different set of values, their meanings and their personal traits. They define the basic principles and types of Ego and self CITATION Car81 \l 1033 (Jung). In terminator II, these character traits and values are brought out among certain characters of the movie. A hero is a person who faces challenges on multiple fronts with the integration of the techno-body and the simulated intelligence in the space time continuum. In the most popular cultures, the hero is one who transcends physical limits and crossing material borders to evoke the harmony and unity among humans. This leads to the unfolding the inherent connections beneath the cultural divide CITATION Car81 \l 1033 (Jung). In James Cameron's Terminator 2, T100 is observed to use his massive body to save a young beautiful woman and her only son. In the movie, this ch...
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