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Cost-Benefit Analysis on Risk Management Literature & Language Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Cost-Benefit Analysis of Risk Management


Cost-Benefit Analysis on Risk Management
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A cost-benefit analysis tool is a productive method to manage the quality, shortcomings, and deficiencies of choices used to select which choices give the most ideal approach to manage as well as achieving benefits while saving money for the overall organization. Community Health Net is dealing with a major issue when it comes to being HIPPA compliant with their electronic medical records. Staff have been known for leaving their computer screens up and walking away leaving patient information up for anyone to see. Staff not locking their desktops leaves the organization at a risk for a HIPPA breech. Community Health Net has been fined by the HHS 3 times in the past year. The fines total up to $10,500. An unauthorized person for example another patient may be able to see information of another patient if safety measures are not put into place. This information may disclose confidential patient, staff, financial, research, or other corporate information. This cost benefit analysis will determine if implementing security measures will benefit the organization from liability and legality showing a positive outcome or by implementing all these new processes and no change with negative outcomes.

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