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Enhancing Cloud Security at Mideast Medical Inc. (Term Paper Sample)


It is a term paper in which the was required to pick a company, analyze its cloud infrastructure then give recommendation on what ought to be improved


Enhancing Cloud Security at Mideast Medical Inc
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Enhancing Cloud Security at Mideast Medical Inc
Cloud computing entails the use of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and deliver computer resources on demand. As Mideast Medical Inc. prepare to move its services to the cloud, its IT department is tasked with deploying a broad set of policies, controls, and technologies aimed at protecting data, applications and its clients. The transition to cloud computing involves a transfer of some control to a cloud provider. Since valuable customer’s information will be subject to attacks such as hacking and phishing, Mideast should integrate multiple layers of security software and firewalls to mitigate data losses or compromise. The software should be up to date to counter new threats. Extra security will involve encryption of data in transit to avoid tampering or unauthorized access. According to Feng (2017), consolidating storage locations of the cloud data will minimize exposure to data risks and streamline the data security plan by giving the organization greater control of its data as opposed to having multiple data storage locations.
Controlling access to cloud data is important 

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